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What Each Area of Practice Generally Means

Car & Pedestrian Accidents

We handle personal injury actions involving car accidents, bus accidents, trucking accidents and pedestrian accidents. The litigation we handle often involves people who have been injured in the process of driving a motor vehicle or walking or bicycling in close proximity to a motor vehicle. Such collisions can result in physical pain, discomfort and emotional distress, as well as cause innocent people to incur medical expenses. A personal injury attorney may help you assess the extent of your rights if you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision, such as by filing a personal injury action. Please call (949) 629-4349 to speak with a personal injury lawyer.

Construction Accidents

A construction accident can arise out of defective products, the failure to operate construction tools or construction equipment properly, such as tractors or forklifts, or neglecting to properly install scaffolding, resulting in a scaffolding accident. Similarly, construction accidents sometimes result from a failure to follow worksite best practices. Contact a construction injury lawyer or construction accident attorney to discuss whether a construction accident you have been involved in may be the basis for a personal injury action.

Dog Bite Accidents

Dogs can pose a threat to adults, the elderly and children. Similarly, dog bite accidents and other animal attack accidents can result in permanent disfigurement, emotional distress, pain, suffering and potentially significant medical expenses, including the costs of plastic surgery. Not only does dog-temperament vary from breed to breed, but it also varies from individual to individual. As such, a dog of even the most seemingly peaceful breeds can injure a person. In addition to seeking immediate medical assistance, you should contact a dog bite attorney if you have been injured in a dog bite accident or other animal attack accident. Notably, not all dog bite accidents results in dog bite lawsuits, as many such cases are resolved without the filing of a dog bite lawsuit.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death lawsuits are actions wherein a person generally contends he or she suffered the death of a loved one due to the negligence of another. Generally, the wrongful death law permits an assortment of money damages to the person who lost a loved one. Contact a wrongful death attorney to discuss your case, the recovery of wrongful death damages, as well as the likelihood of a wrongful death settlement.

Serious Injury Accidents

Serious or catastrophic injuries can result from trauma to the head, such as in the case of a traumatic brain injury. Such serious injuries can permanently interfere with a victim’s quality of life, ability to maintain a job and other activities of daily living. A serious injury lawyer can help you by speaking with you about your case.

Products Liability

Products liability lawyers deal with cases involving defective products and a failure to provide adequate warnings that result in injury to a person. Defective products range from household appliances to commercial equipment and motor vehicles that are poorly designed or malfunction.

Premises Liability

Premises liability lawyers are attorneys who handle cases where a person is injured on the property of another, thereby resulting in physical injuries, emotional trauma and/or medical costs. An example of a premises liability case that a premises liability attorney may handle can range from a slip and fall accident where a person was injured as a result of another’s failure to properly maintain their property, or where a dangerous condition on someone’s property causes harm to another person.

Brain Injury Accidents

Brain injuries such as traumatic brain injuries can result from motor vehicle accidents, construction accidents and other types of incidents involving physical trauma to the head. Head injuries can have a profound impact on accident victims and their families. A brain injury lawyer can assist an injured individual by representing them in a personal injury action in order to recover monetary damages for the trauma they sustained.

Construction Defect Litigation

Construction defect litigation usually involves the defective workmanship of a contractor or design professional in the process of constructing, designing or remodeling residential or commercial property. Construction defect litigation often results from a contractor, architect or design professional’s failure to adhere to the applicable standard of care or otherwise comply with the provisions of the Building Code, resulting in damage to a person’s property and other losses. These instances include, for instance, unwanted water intrusion, electrical problems, structural defects, soil issues, irrigation problems and the like.

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