Brain Injury Law Firm

Traumatic brain injuries, which are also known as TBIs, are extremely common and potentially destructive because they involve trauma to a major bodily organ, the human brain.

How Do Brain Injuries Occur?

Many brain injuries are the result of motor vehicle accidents, but can also result from sport-related accidents and instances where objects are unintentionally (or even intentionally) directed at the head of another person. The vast majority of these cases involve the negligence of another person or company who negligently caused the accident, resulting in trauma to the victim’s head.

Examples of Accidents Resulting in TBIs:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Assault and Battery Situations
  • Sports Injuries
  • Physical Trauma to the Head Caused by External Objects

Are All Brain Injuries Serious?

Yes. All brain injuries are serious because they negatively impact a vital organ all human beings rely on. Nevertheless, brain injuries do range in severity and there are a variety of symptoms that can accompany brain injuries such as emotional issues, depression, inability to focus, trouble sleeping, confusion, nausea and general cognitive decline, among others. While concussions are often the result of brain trauma, TBIs do not always involve a concussion or black-out events.

When to Consult a Brain Injury Lawyer?

After you have met with a medical provider, contact a lawyer to discuss how you can recover money for your injuries, including compensation for your medical bills and lost wages as a result of the underlying accident.

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