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Personal Injury Law Firm | Nahora Law FirmIf you have been injured in an accident (e.g. car accident, premises liability, etc.), a personal injury lawyer can help you recover all types of damages based on California law. A lawyer can help clients recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, physical and emotional pain and suffering, and more. Significant compensation may be owed to you under California law. Contact a personal injury lawyer today.

Our personal injury attorneys have successfully represented clients seeking compensation from major United States corporations, insurance agencies, and firms of all sizes. Prior to offering our legal services to the public, our team spent years defending major corporations and insurance agencies before making the switch to defend clients like you.

Over the years, our team has skillfully tackled a wide range of contentious injury related cases. As a full-service firm with trial lawyers to assist you, we have a proven record of taking cases from the early stages of research to settlement and trial. Our specializations include handling an assortment of legal matters and our firm can help you with your case. Our attorneys can help you today. Contact the best lawyers today.



Accident law firms work hard to provide you with compensation for your injuries by recovering money from an insurance company. Our awards speak for themselves:

  • California Licensed Injury Attorneys (State and United States Federal Courts)
  • Arizona Licensed Attorneys
  • The National Trial Lawyers - Top 40 Under 40
  • Super Lawyer’s 2017 Southern California Rising Star
  • Certified Litigation Management Professionals (CLMP)
  • College of Trial Advocacy
  • Claims and Litigation Management Alliance Members
  • Professional Liability Underwriting Society Members
  • Who's Who in American Law

Our attorneys can assist you by pursuing the insurance company that is responsible for your damages. For instance, in the case of dog attacks, the dog owner's homeowner insurance company may be responsible for your damages. We make hiring an attorney easy and obtaining a recovery on your behalf is our top priority, on a contingency fee basis. We highly recommend that you contact us if you have been injured in California, including San Diego and other locales. Contact the best lawyers today if you need representation by our personal injury attorneys, particularly if you are battling United States based insurance companies. Our personal injury attorneys can help. Contact our personal injury law firm today.


Personal injury lawyers specialize in working with clients who have experienced serious injuries like burn injuries as a result of another’s negligence. We have represented clients throughout California with traumatic brain injuries, burns, broken bones, fractures, slipped discs, and other serious injuries that have occurred due to defective products, a car accident or auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, bus accidents, trucking accidents, construction accidents, workplace accidents, and dog bites. Contact us today for a consultation with a lawyer by dialing 949-629-4349. The best lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. We highly recommend contacting us today.


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We represent clients throughout California, including Northern California, Southern California and other locales.


We are a full service firm that is dedicated to providing effective legal representation to accident victims throughout California.

Personal Injury Lawyers: About Nehora Law Firm | Nehora Law Firm

Our office is conveniently located in Irvine, California. However, we represent clients from all across California. Our team includes experienced lawyers throughout California, including Anaheim, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and other Southern California communities. Whether looking for Orange County injury lawyers or the best accident attorney in Irvine, you can depend on us to provide effective legal representation to clients across California.

Remember: there are strict limits governing how much time you have to initiate a claim for reimbursement in California. The sooner you speak with a personal injury attorney, the sooner you can begin seeking compensation.

All our clients can enjoy a free, no-hassle consultation. Plus, we work on a contingency basis. That means we do not charge until you get paid. We don’t make a dime unless you do!

Contact us at 949-629-4349 for a consultation with one of our California licensed accident personal injury lawyers. We’ll explain how we can provide effective representation to secure the maximum compensation you deserve under California law, so feel free to contact a brain injury attorney today.

Areas of Legal Expertise

Traumatic brain trauma can have a significant, long lasting and sometimes delayed impact on a person who has failed victim to a traumatic brain ailment, necessitating extensive medical care. The symptoms of traumatic brain trauma are numerous and the impact can affect family members and friends. If you have sustained a head injury, contact an attorney to assist you with your case. Notably, our lawyers are versed in handling cases stemming from a construction accident and bicycle accidents, among others. Traumatic brain injuries are serious and immediate medical attention is required, irrespective of the type of incident involved (e.g. motorcycle accidents, car accidents, bicycle accidents or truck accidents). Contact a top personal injury expert today for a free case evaluation.

The death of a loved one can devastate an entire family by financially and emotionally crippling them. California law allows for the recovery of compensation for accidents that result in the death of a loved one. Do not delay in contacting an attorney to discuss how to recover financial damages to help you and other surviving family members if you have been the victim of a fatal loss of a loved one. A top personal injury lawyer can help you today with a free case evaluation.


Not all dogs are friendly or well-behaved. Canines can penetrate the skin, leave scars and cause nerve damage, among other types of injuries, depending on the severity of the dog bite injury and number of bites a victim has sustained. Contact an attorney for a free case evaluation and to discuss a strategy for obtaining compensation for a canine bite incident from a dog owner through a personal injury claim.

A construction accident occurs when a person at or near a worksite is injured, particularly in an area with ongoing or incomplete residential or commercial construction operations. Such accidents may implicate construction workers as well as other personnel and even passerby who are simply traveling past a construction area. Contact us for a free case evaluation today.

Car accidents, pedestrian accidents, truck accidents and bicycle accidents can be gruesome. Our clients have sustained injuries ranging from orthopedic injuries to brain injuries. We have helped them recover compensation for their injuries arising out of such accidents throughout California. If you have been involved in an accident, contact an accident attorney today in order to obtain the assistance you need as a result of truck accidents, car accidents or some other type of incident, including reimbursement for your medical bills. Our attorneys can help you today.

Products like tires, knives, tools and other equipment can hurt you unexpectedly, particularly those defective products that are damaged in the manufacturing process. Sometimes manufacturers' designs are poor or lack the necessary warnings required to make the use of their products safe.

If you have been injured by a defective product, California law provides the framework necessary to recover compensation, whether the injury was the result of medical malpractice, where a product was simply defective or in more complicated cases involving car accidents or motorcycle accidents. Our lawyers can help you with your liability claim involving one or more defective products.

Slip and fall accidents involve personal injuries a person sustains while on private or public property. In most cases, the properties are insured and an attorney can help you recover compensation for your injuries from an insurance company even if you do not have insurance.

Serious injury accidents can leave victims incapable of caring for themselves, necessitate extensive medical treatment, require time away from work, prohibit a victim from performing simple household chores and caring for their families. Contact an attorney today if you have been involved in a serious injury accident after seeking medical assistance.

If you need the assistance of a construction defect attorney, contact us today.

During a consultation with our attorneys, we will speak with you regarding:

  • How our Los Angeles and San Diego personal injury attorneys can help you recover money damages for your physical pain and discomfort, emotional injuries, medical expenses and lost wages that you may have suffered as a result of a injury accident you were involved in.
  • The value of your case.
  • Our strategy for settling or resolving your case and how long you can expect the process to take.
  • An accident lawyer will walk you through filing a lawsuit to recover reimbursement for the injuries you have sustained.

Our case results and client reviews speak for themselves. We are here to assist you. Contact an accident lawyer today. Our super lawyers can help you recover money for your injuries.

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