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Truck accidents can be catastrophic incidents due to the size and weight of large trucks, such as semi-trucks, commercial trucks or big wheelers. After obtaining the necessary medical attention, contact a truck accident attorney to discuss how you can recover compensation under California law. Your recovery will depend on the specific facts of your case, including the extent of your injuries and the medical treatment you have undergone, as well as any prospective treatment you may require in the future. Additional considerations that are pertinent to assessing your recovery include whether you have lost the ability to work or have otherwise taken time away from work as a result of the truck accident, to name only a few important considerations.



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Truck Accident Lawyer

In excess of ten million trucks are in active operation across the United States. The high number, coupled with tired, distracted and overworked commercial truck drivers is a potential recipe for disaster. In fact, approximately half a million big truck accidents occur each year and what’s common among the majority of the yearly accidents is an error in judgment. With people literally falling asleep while operating large trucks and the significant weight of commercial trucks, catastrophic results unfortunately tend to follow.

How Are Truck Accidents Different From Car Accidents?

Truck accidents are different than car accidents because of the size and weight of large trucks, like semi trucks semi-trailer trucks or commercial trucks. The significant size and weight lead to more forceful impacts, increased property damage and the potential for more serious injuries. Truck drivers also tend to have significantly larger insurance policies, which increases the availability of money for damages in the event of a truck accident.

Who is liable for a truck accident depends on a number of factors you should discuss with a truck accident lawyer and may include:

  • Truck driver
  • Trucking company
  • The company or person who owns or leases the truck

What To Do If You’ve Been Involved in a Truck Accident?

Obtain medical attention immediately. Then connect with a truck accident attorney to discuss what transpired, your medical needs and injuries, as well as a strategy to recover compensation from the responsible parties.

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