Social Media Influencer Lawyer

Why Influencers Need Lawyers?

You may be wondering, at what point does an influencer and a lawyer end up crossing paths. It’s not talked about enough, but social media is still under-regulated. Additionally, making laws takes time and it can take even longer to implement. So what is one to do when seeking justice for atrocities committed online?

How to Protect Yourself Online

Everyone needs to know how to use the internet safely. This is especially important for those who are in the public eye through social media platforms, such as influencers.

Influencers have public accounts where they post pictures, stories and videos of their lives, which can have adverse consequences.

When you’re sharing your life with the world, you put yourself at risk of being approached by people who might have bad intentions, whereas typical Hollywood celebrities have teams behind them whose sole jobs consist of protecting their clients.

Influencers usually do not have teams protecting them from the public. They also usually do not have the power or security that celebrities enjoy, and yet have the same number of eyes watching all aspects of their lives.

This makes for a messy, and at times, dangerous concoction.

Defamation and Other Online Dangers

The dangers online do not just manifest themselves in the form of bot accounts, spam accounts, and “hate” accounts but rather real-life consequences. It takes a simple online search to find endless stalker accounts/videos.

It’s very easy for stalkers to find their targets nowadays, with many users posting all their activities on social media in real-time. All they need to do is stay up to date with your stories on any of your platforms, and they can be at your location in a matter of minutes.

Luckily, there are many ways for you to prevent this. For starters, you can avoid posting in real-time.

Similarly, you can limit who can see your stories by either having a private account or creating stories that you pre-screen for privacy concerns, which tends to have unfortunate consequences on influencers’ revenue stream which is based on advertising.

The Influencer Curse

However, if you’re an influencer, it’s not that easy. Maybe posting on social media is your main source of income, or it’s simply your passion. In which case, it essentially requires you to be in the public eye – The more, the merrier.

This can obviously become problematic for influencers, but it’s almost part and parcel of the job.

Another curse that is seemingly unavoidable in all cases – people who love to hate. Some may do it simply because that’s who they are, and others may have other motives. Either way, they’re not your biggest fans.

Lines are certainly crossed when things become defamatory.

What Is Defamation?

Defamation is the verbal or written conveyance of a false statement about someone that is harmful.

Social media influencers are often under attack by way of libel, slander and defamation, that is often intended to discredit and defame influencers.

How Can A Defamation Lawyer Help?

Defamation is a serious legal matter.

There are many examples of influencers who were canceled and forced to delete their platforms, due to the plethora of hate directed at them based on lies.

While it has become more and more difficult to verify or deny news with the growth of social media, California law may provide you with a safety net.