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If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident at a construction site or worksite that resulted in physical pain, emotional injuries, financial harm or other discomfort, contact one of our personal injury attorneys today to discuss your case. All consultations are absolutely FREE. You can reach us at 949-629-4349.

Worksite Accident Claims

Construction zones are inherently dangerous. As buildings go up, they can be insecure and home to exposed wires, ungrounded electrical systems, exposed nails, toxic substances, and temporary structures that are not always sturdy and safe. Heavy materials and tools present at construction sites only serve to make them more dangerous to bystanders.

Construction workers are outfitted with hard hats and protective gear for a reason; they work in dangerous environments. But even workers can suffer injuries when their colleagues and supervisors are careless or when a third party acts in a negligent or dangerous manner.

When an individual is injured at a construction site, whether he or she was a worker at the site or not, that individual can file a personal injury claim to seek compensation for his or her injuries from the at-fault party.

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Who a Construction Accident Attorney Can Help?

Anyone at a construction site can suffer an injury in an on-site accident. People in this position can include:

  • The property owner;
  • Construction workers;
  • Third parties servicing the site;
  • Bystanders and individuals passing the site;
  • Trespassers.

Generally, trespassers are not entitled to recover for their damages. However, there are exceptions, such as cases in which property owners behave in a wanton manner toward trespassers and when trespassing is so regular it could be reasonably expected.

Types of Injuries Resulting
From a Construction Accident?

At a constructions site, the following types of accident are most likely to occur:

Slips and falls

Impact with falling objects

Being caught and pressed between two objects

Electrical injuries



A victim can break a bone, suffer soft tissue damage, experience a traumatic head injury, or suffer severe bleeding as the result of a construction accident. These injuries can have long-term complications like putting the victim at risk of going into shock or permanently disfigurement.

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Seeking Compensation for Injuries Sustained at a Worksite

When you are suffering from a construction-related injury, you need to have an experienced lawyer by your side to help you seek compensation for the following damages:

  • Your medical bills
  • Your lost wages due to being out of work to recover and
  • Your pain and suffering damages, which can include psychological trauma and over-the-counter medical needs.

After your accident, seek medical attention as soon as possible to ensure that you receive an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. After that, contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss your case in greater detail to determine the most effective course of action.

Work with an Experienced Construction Accident Attorney in California

If you are suffering from an injury you sustained in a construction accident, you have the right to file a construction accident claim to seek monetary compensation for your resulting damages. To learn more, schedule your free legal consultation with our team of personal injury lawyers at Nehora Law Firm. Our team is here to help you attain the money you deserve.

Have you been injured in a construction or worksite accident? At Nehora Law Firm, we have helped clients throughout California recover compensation caused by negligence, recklessness or intent by a third party. Receive a free consultation today to learn more about whether you have a case. Once the groundwork of your case has been established, we will chart a legal course that maximizes compensation and reaches a settlement solution in your favor.

Construction accidents throughout California are an unfortunate, and often devastating, reality. Our personal injury attorneys have dealt with clients who, through no fault of their own, found themselves with permanent and disabling injury – rendering redundant their ability to work in construction again.

Common injuries on construction sites include bone fractures and breakage, neck and spinal damage, long-term muscle injuries, lower back pain, long-term psychological distress and disfigurement and/or disablement.

Construction accidents are, then, a significant source of distress – both physical and emotional. Hazard risks are manifold, from falling debris and machinery to slips, falls and through the incompetence of a third-party. It’s worth emphasizing though, that personal injury claims are not held liable by employers. You may be entitled to workplace compensation, if the source of your personal injury is your employer, though you may be entitled to personal injury compensation if the source is a third-party, such as a subcontractor.

Construction sites are dangerous places. All manner of injuries can take place; the risks multiplying the more complex the work. Precautions are typically taken – helping prevent injury to workers and their colleagues. Despite these precautions, though, injuries – some minor, some serious – still take place, often caused by negligence, recklessness or intent by a third party. Work place accidents can occur for a variety of reasons.

Below, we illustrate eight of the most common causes – preventable causes for which you can seek compensation:

Failure to comply with worksite best practices and safety procedures

Violation of regulations and laws, such as those promulgated by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Intoxication while operating equipment (e.g. alcohol, drugs, etc.)

Inadvertent Neglect

Intentional harm

Employer-employ handbook creation

Contract and lease negotiation

Insurance audits and restructuring

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We represent clients seeking either workplace or personal injury compensation. Our construction accident lawyers offer a free initial consultation, helping you determine whether you have a case.

If you have a case, we will discuss the case further and outline, in detail, the steps we take to guarantee the maximum possible compensation and settlement outcome.

Throughout the case, we keep our clients fully informed of the process. Our process is swift, yet methodical.


Construction accidents, such as scaffolding accidents, forklift accidents and tractor accidents, can cause significant bodily injuries, and may result in past and future medical expenses and lost wages. contact us today at (949) 629‒4349 for a free consultation. We will discuss your case with you and determine a viable course of legal action.

You may, though, be wondering what level of compensation you’re entitled to. To establish this value, our team need to evaluate not only the cause, nature and status of your injury, but also the ancillary factors that impact on your quality of life, loss of income, ongoing medical expenses and other sources of physical and emotional distress.

Our construction accident attorneys comb through and evaluate each source of loss, arriving at a figure that most accurately reflects the nature of your personal injury claim.

Have any questions about our process? Contact one of our construction accident lawyers today. We are happy to address any query or question you may have. Alternatively, you can call us at 949-629-4349 to arrange a free consultation to evaluate your case. Construction accidents can be devastating. To best evaluate your case, it’s advised that you consult an attorney as soon as possible. With your case to hand, we can pursue the just and fair compensation that you’re entitled to.

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