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Car accidents can be extremely devastating to drivers, passengers and pedestrians in large part due to the size of vehicles and the speed cars are capable of going. California law governs the way in which operators of motor vehicles are required to conduct themselves while driving. Unfortunately, some drivers tend to fall short of their compliance with the rules of the road such as by being distracted or driving in excess of the speed limit, resulting in a car wreck.

If you have been involved in a car accident in California, we can help by defending your rights and obtaining money damages to compensate you for your pain, suffering and expenses that are attributable to a car accident. Our car accident lawyers can speak to you at length regarding the process and answer any questions you may have about your case during a free telephone consultation.


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Car Accident Lawyer

When do you need a lawyer?

Many of us drive our cars every day in California and elsewhere. As drivers, we share the road with other motorists, bicyclists, truckers, and pedestrians.

You can be involved in a collision with any type of road user when they, or you, or a third party fail to take the necessary care to prevent an accident.

If you are involved in an accident, seek medical attention for your injury as soon as possible.

Worry about meeting with car wreck attorneys and seeking compensation later – your health and safety should come first immediately after dangerous incidents such as motorcycle accidents, car accidents or trucks accidents by seeking immediate medical aid from a medical professional. Thereafter, contact an accident attorney.

Why Contact Our Team?
Contact our team of experienced motorcycle, pedestrian and car wreck lawyers today to set up your initial consultation with us. We offer a free case assessment to all prospective clients, during which we can examine your case in greater detail and guide you toward a productive course of action.

Injury lawsuits are filed to recover damages due to injuries caused – through negligence, intention or recklessness – by a third party.

Car and pedestrian incidents are, in fact, some of the most commonly represented injury cases. Whether sustained through car or a pedestrian accident, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, bus accidents, bicycle accidents – or through other forms of auto accident – affected persons should seek out an experienced personal attorney to represent their case.

Many of these cases are on the rise, particularly bicycle accidents, even though bicycle accidents are potentially preventable.

Dangers Associated with Accidents and Why You May Need Our Assistance

When you are a pedestrian, you are in the most vulnerable category of road users.

You are not protected by a metal chassis (in the case of car accidents), a helmet, or even the luxury of being lifted off the ground like a bicyclist. If you are injured while walking, you can face steep financial damages.

After an accident with a car or motorcycle, contact our experienced car wreck attorney to start developing your claim. Depending on the cause of the accident, the negligence of the at-fault party, and the injuries, you have the right to seek compensation for your damages.

Causes of Collisions and the Types of Cases We Handle

Car Accident Lawyers in California | Nehora Law Firm

In most cases, collisions are caused by negligence. Examples of negligence include:

  • Drunk driving
  • Distracted driving or walking
  • Speeding
  • Aggressive driving
  • Failure to obey the posted traffic signs, whether one is a motorist or a pedestrian

Injuries Seen in Car, Motorcycle & Truck Accidents

Motorists and pedestrians alike can be seriously injured in collisions.

Common injuries suffered during motorist or pedestrian collisions include:

If you’ve been injured in an accident, call our car accident lawyers today.

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