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If you have suffered from a traumatic brain injury, concussion or other trauma to the head, contact us today to speak with a brain injury attorney regarding how we can help obtain compensation to assist you with the brain damage you have suffered in California. You can reach us at 949-629-4349.

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If you are involved in any type of accident, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Because head injury symptoms are often not obvious, an injury can easily be overlooked. When left untreated, the victim can suffer worsened, severe complications. After receiving medical treatment, a victim should work with an experienced brain injury lawyer to pursue compensation for his or her damages

Any time the head suffers trauma, the brain can be injured. Head injuries are often known as “invisible injuries” because in many cases, they do not have immediate, obvious physical symptoms. Rather, symptoms of such an injury can be behavioral or cognitive, such as:

  • Confusion
  • Blurred vision
  • Personality changes
  • Irritability
  • Forgetfulness

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Mild and Serious Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries are diagnosed according to the Glasgow Coma Scale. This rubric measures victims’ motor responses, verbal responses, and other responses to stimuli to determine their injury level.

Trauma can be mild or severe. A concussion is a type of mild brain trauma. In severe cases, a head wound can result in permanent disability or death.

Accidents Our California Brain Injury Lawyers Can Help With

Brain trauma can result from any type of accident. These include:

Car accidents

Slip and fall accidents

Truck accidents

Acts of medical malpractice

Pedestrian accidents

Physical confrontations

Impact with falling objects

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Brain Injury Law Firms Can Help You Recover From Trauma

To recover from a mild injury to the head, the victim generally needs to rest and avoid mental and physical over-stimulation. In more severe cases, a victim can need surgery and drugs to treat the injury. In some cases, victims suffer from permanent complications. These include:

  • Physical or mental impairment
  • Loss of sensation in certain areas of the body
  • Memory loss
  • Difficulty sensing one’s immediate surroundings and responding appropriately to stimuli
  • Permanent changes to their personalities
  • Mental health disorders like depression and anxiety
  • Loss of certain motor functions

Victims can file personal injury claims to pursue compensation for the damages they suffer related to their accidents, with the aid of an attorney. These can include their medical bills, their lost wages at the time of the accident and their projected future earnings if their disabilities prevent them from working again or in the same capacity, and their pain and suffering damages.

This final category includes treatment from mental healthcare providers and other expenses related to life after an injury, such as the loss of enjoyment of life and the need to hire domestic help to aid with household chores while the victim recovers.

Work with an Experienced Brain Injury Law Firm

Trauma to the head can have long-term, possibly permanent, consequences for an accident victim.

If you suffered a wound affecting your head in any type of preventable accident, you can potentially recover compensation for your damages through a personal injury claim.

To learn more, schedule your initial legal consultation with our team of personal injury lawyers at Nehora Law Firm today.

Head trauma has the capacity to cause catastrophic, long-term damage. This damage can take many forms depending upon which part of the brain it affects. Damage may be physical, emotional or both.

At Nehora Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers have represented clients throughout California who have suffered "traumatic brain injuries" (TBI). If you have been affected, consult one of our attorneys today to receive a free consultation on how best we can deal with your specific case.

If your injuries, or the injuries of a loved one, have been caused by the recklessness of another person or entity, you are entitled to compensation. The precise compensation sum depends upon the nature and extent of the injuries in question.

Again, the effect of brain damage depends upon which part of the brain has been affected.

Of course, this list is by no means exhaustive. There are many other variations of brain injuries one can suffer from. There is also enormous variation in how these various injuries are experienced.

These injuries are typically sustained by physical blows or impacts to the head; the head being penetrated by an external object, such as a bullet; or through acquired means – such as defective equipment.

Children and babies, too, may suffer head-related trauma through shaken baby syndrome.

Some of the most common traumatic effects include:

Failure to properly control emotional responses

Physical impairment or disablement

Difficulties sensing and interpreting their immediate surroundings

Sense of confusion and an inability to rationally control thought

Permanent changes in one’s personality and outlook

Memory loss and initial loss of consciousness

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The statistics surrounding head injury accidents is startling. The Brain Injury Association of California report that:

  • Almost 2 million people suffer from TBIs each year
  • Of these 2 million people, approximately 50,000 die each year

If you’d like to receive a free consultation, fill out our online form today. One of our brain injury accident lawyers will get back to you very shortly. Alternatively, you can call us directly at 949-629-4349. During our consultation, we will discuss your case with you and establish what compensation you may be entitled to. From there, we chart a legal course toward settlement. Nehora Law Firm is committed to providing the very best legal service that alleviates the many economic burdens that come with serious injuries.


Schedule a FREE consultation with one of our lawyers if you or a family member have sustained brain damage, concussion or other head trauma in an accident in California. contact us today at (949) 629‒4349 for a free consultation. We will discuss your case with you and determine a viable course of legal action.

The Brain Injury Association of California report that:

  • The most common causes of TBIs include falls (28%), motor vehicle accidents (20%), blows to the head (19%) and assaults (11%)
  • Medical costs – both direct and indirect – cost upwards of $60 billion throughout the US each year Ruptured blood vessels and contusions (bruised brain tissue) often need to be met with surgery. Given the exorbitant medical costs, both from direct medical treatment and long-term treatment thereafter, compensation sums can rise quite considerably.

Important Factors to Consider If You Have Suffered Brain or Head Injuries after an Accident Caused by Someone Else’s Negligence

In all parts of the world, being a pedestrian can be very dangerous. This is especially true if you are a pedestrian in the State of California. California is one of the few states which houses residents who live very fast paced lifestyles, but there are also a number of other factors that contribute to pedestrian dangers. Some of the most prevailing factors for pedestrian unsafety is California’s continuously growing population, a deficient public transportation system, and the hours and distances driven daily by the millions of commuters.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is approximately one crash associated death every 1.6 hours. Pedestrians unfortunately do not account for the same protections a motorist does when involved in an accident. Vehicle drivers and passengers are typically protected by the use of vehicle equipped airbags, seat belts, and the steel and or metal frame of the vehicle itself.

The State of California has several right of way laws which relate to drivers and pedestrians. Some of these laws include:

Motorists must yield to pedestrians who are crossing the street on marked crosswalks as well as unmarked walkways at intersections.

While all pedestrians must practice safety at all times, drivers should nonetheless reduce their speed and take precaution when a pedestrian is crossing the street.

Although pedestrians are expected to practice safety and abide by the posted street signs, motorists are nonetheless expected to use caution when near a pedestrian. This is because a vehicle can have devastating consequences on impact with an unprotected person. Not only can a collision leave a person with catastrophic brain injuries, it is highly likely that a person hit by a vehicle can perish.

Brain Damage Associated with Vehicle Collisions

One of the most catastrophic injuries you can sustain is that of a traumatic brain injury. Being struck by a moving vehicle, at any speed, can cause you devastating injuries that could affect you for the rest of your life. Brain injuries do not always surface immediately, even if you have been under the care of a medical practitioner. There are several symptoms you may experience that will require you to obtain further testing in order to determine the full extent of your head injury. These symptoms include, but are not limited to:

Swelling of the head,

Nose bleeding,


Speech impairment,

Blurred vision,

The inability to move a part of the body.

If you have been the victim of an auto accident, seek medical attention immediately. Damage to the brain is not always immediately apparent at the moment of impact and it can have devastating consequences if not treated properly and promptly.

Brain Injury Law Firms Can Help You Seek Restitution after Being Injured

If you have been the victim of a brain injury in California, there are many laws in the State of California that could protect you. As a victim, you have the right to seek financial restitution for the injuries you sustained. When you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to receive financial compensation for your medical treatment.

It is important to understand that as a victim, you will not only amass a financial loss due to the high rising medical bills, you can also suffer financially due to your inability to return to work. Your grievances can be greater due to emotional pain and suffering because of the recovery process and/or accrued disabilities.

If you have been the victim, there are a few important factors you should consider.

1. Seek medical attention immediately

  • Seeking medical attention immediately after the accident will not only help to minimize your physical pain, it can also be a valid record for the expenses you accrued.
  • Maintaining medical treatment can be a massive condition to your ability to seek restitution. You can be held liable for your amplified pain if you failed to continue rehabilitation or other medical treatment.

2. Make a police report

  • By making an official police report with the officer on-site, you could have a well-documented and legitimate account of the series of events that transpired which ultimately lead to the accident.
  • The officer can make note of weather conditions and other roadway hindrances which could have played a factor in the accident. This document could help you as you seek restitution for your losses.

3. If it is possible, take photographs of the scene

  • This factor will not always be possible due to the extent of the injuries you have received. In the event that you are able to, however, taking pictures of the scene can serve as evidence and proof of the events.
  • Further, it can also help you in the event that the accident occurred due to faulty street walks, street signs, or other faulty municipal fixtures. If you were struck by a vehicle as you crossed a marked street walk, the city or town the accident took place in could be held liable for your losses.

Demonstrating the Other Party’s Negligence

In order to receive compensation for the injuries you sustained, you will need to demonstrate the other party’s negligence. In order to do so, you are going to need solid evidence. With the previously mentioned factors, your story of events should be well supported.

In addition those helpful factors, obtaining the corroborative of a non-involved witness can further support your version of events. The important element to keep in mind is that this evidence has to prove that the other party was negligent and is therefore at fault.

Seek Legal Assistance

Receiving head injuries after any accident can leave you with a series of pain, disability, economic and emotional distress. If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to seek restitution for your distress.

Fighting for this right will not always be easy as many insurance adjusters will attempt to not only discredit your claims, but to diffuse them completely and even accuse you of being responsible for your own injuries.

Seek the guidance and support of an expert attorney who has experience in dealing with injuries caused by being struck by a vehicle. Finding the appropriate support can help you win your case and receive the compensation you are owed.

The attorneys at Nehora Law Firm are dedicated to defend their client’s rights to financial restitution after an accident resulting in a brain injury. We are committed to quality service and aggressive advocacy, two essential factors needed after suffering a traumatic event.

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