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Injured from Manufacturer Car Defects? Now What?

Posted in Motor Vehicle Accidents on January 19, 2019

In 2014, the Orange County District's Attorney filed a complaint alleging that "GM endangered the public through deception regarding vehicle safety and reliability and gained advantage over its competitors by engaging in unfair business practices" by selling car models with known car defects in Southern California.

These individuals were injured from manufacturing car defects, and unfortunately it happens more than we think.

Here's what to do if you or a loved one is injured from a defective car from manufacturers.

Manufacturer Car Defects: General Motors vs. Orange County District Attorney

Manufacturing Car Defects and Premises Liability - Nehora Law Firm

The OCDA claims that "at least 124 people died and 275 were injured, as a result of these failures".

The OCDA filed a Complaint for Violations of the Unfair Competition Law and the False Advertising Law, claiming that General Motors endangered all motorists by selling products while intentionally concealing safety defects of these products in order to avoid paying for a recall or replacement of defective car parts.

So, what happened?

The OCDA won.

General Motors was required to pay $13.9 million in settlements.

Looking at the Settlement

When you examine the settlement between General Motors and the OCDA, the latter was claiming that there were concealed defects in millions of the auto maker’s vehicles.

These included problems with

  • Power steering
  • Airbags
  • Brakes

The OCDA claimed that GM’s hiding of these defects and marketing its autos as reliable and safe caused customers to make purchases under false pretenses.

Why Does Vehicle Safety Matter to You?

In 2017, there were a total of 35,391,347 cars that were registered in the state of California.

That's a lot of cars.

If majority of car manufacturers were producing defects, many people would be injured unnecessarily due to negligence.

What To Do When Denied

Gavel Car Safety Law - Car Defects - General Motors vs OCDA - Nehora Law Firm

Once again, the claims process is incredibly complex for motor vehicle accident lawsuits. Even if an injury claim has been denied, that may not necessarily be the final word.

Many reasons given to justify a denial of a claim may be surrounded with a gray area.

If you own a motor vehicle in Santa Ana or elsewhere in Orange County, you want to believe that it’s safe.

Every time that you operate a vehicle on the road, you’re putting your life at risk. Therefore, your vehicle’s safety is paramount.

That’s why you buckle your seatbelt and get regular tire checks and safety inspections. As a consumer, you also want to presume that any defects to your vehicle that become apparent to the maker will be communicated to you.

The purpose of recalls from vehicle manufacturers is that owners like you can return your vehicle and get a replacement part. If the vehicle is not fixable, you would hope to receive compensation for its loss.

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