Dog Bite Lawsuits – Where Do You Stand?

Unfortunately, dog bites are an uncomfortable reality for many people, causing both emotional and physical distress. Learn more about how our dog bite lawyers can help you.

Have you been bitten by a dog? As unpleasant as these attacks may be, legal solutions are available. Are you, then, aware of the legal implications of these attacks, and how, if circumstances are not suspect, you may be entitled to compensation? In today’s blog, we review dog bite lawsuits; more specifically, we review where liability lies and what steps you should take should you find yourself the unfortunate victim of such an attack.

Nehora Law Firm has dealt with numerous such cases over the years, some minor and some major. The dog bite injury can cause anything from relatively minor scarring, to more serious injuries such as disfigurement or disablement. The injury also depends on what type of dog is involved and what physical attributes they have. Whatever the dog bite injury may be, recovery of losses – whether from emotional, medical or employment causes - should always be considered.

dog bite lawsuits

Dog Bite Claims - Producing the Evidence

  • They need to show that they were attacked by the dog in question; the evidence showing that no other dog was involved, too.
  • They must also prove ownership of the dog; is the person being sued the actual owner of the animal?
  • They need to prove that they did not provoke such an attack; that they didn’t provoke aggression and that they were acting peaceably.
  • The victim must also demonstrate that they were present legally where the attack took place; a place where the victim was lawfully entitled to be.
Dog Bite Lawsuits
In California, dog owners are held liable if their dog was responsible for inflicting a dog bite – only if the victim is present in a public place or lawfully within a private place.

However, it’s worth prefacing that different states approach the question in different ways. For example, in Minnesota, dog attack victims are not required to demonstrate the owner was at fault. In other words, the law assumes culpability on the dog owner; he/she is deemed responsible for all actions of the dog – peaceable or hostile. That being said, the victim of a dog attack must demonstrate sufficient evidence for their claim (see above).

Taking the Next Steps

In the case of California, dog bite lawsuits are premised on two assumptions: that dog owners are held responsible for the actions of their dogs, and, that a lawsuit applies if the victim is present in a public place, or, if they are present lawfully in a private place. The specific dog bite compensation involved varies – depending on what emotional, medical, employment, familial or long-term damage was caused by the dog bite injury.

Nehora Law Firm has extensive experience dealing with dog bite lawsuits throughout Orange County. Our personal injury attorneys can help you seek redress and recover losses caused by dog bite accidents. If you’d like to schedule a free consultation, fill out our online form and a dog bite lawyer will get back to you immediately. We will discuss your case with you and, if you have a claim, help you recover the compensation that you deserve.