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Our Costa Mesa personal injury lawyers can help you recover compensation for your physical and emotional injuries arising from car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and other calamities. Contact us today for a FREE consultation today at 949-629-4349.

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Costa Mesa Personal Injury Attorney Today. You Do NOT Pay If We Do Not Win.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

Have you been involved in an accident in Costa Mesa, California? No matter what type of injuries you have sustained, you may be entitled to compensation.

At Nehora Law Firm, our Costa Mesa injury attorneys can help you by developing an effective legal strategy that will help you win your case and maximize the extent of the compensation you receive. Consultations with us are free, so contact us by telephone or simply fill in your contact information on this page and an attorney from our office will contact you immediately. We have spent years working with insurance companies and are therefore well-aquainted with the tactics they employ in order to avoid compensating you for the injuries and losses you have sustained. Despite the insurance companies' best efforts to deny your claim, we will aggressively work toward obtaining maximum monetary recovery for you!

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Determining whether you or your loved one has a claim for relief is a complicated task. For this reason, it is essential that you speak with an experienced attorney about your case. At Nehora Law, we will diligently investigate the facts of your case in order to determine the best strategy for maximizing your monetary recovery. In many cases, we can obtain compensation for you by demanding that the other party's insurance company compensate you for the damages you have sustained as a result of the insurance company's insured (such as the other driver or person involved in an accident).

No cost! We don't make a dime unless you do!

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Consultations with us are Free

We encourage you to contact us in order to discuss your injuries. Our lawyers are qualified professionals who understand the intricacies of the law and the procedural steps necessary to succeed.

Nehora Law Firm is a full-service personal injury law firm. Our services include in the representation of accident victims in cases such as:

Car and pedestrian accidents

Wrongful death

Premises liability

Products liability

Construction site accidents

Construction defect litigation

Serious injury accidents

While some physical injuries may be relatively minor, the physical and psychological impact of those injuries can linger for many months or even years thereafter. Similarly, injuries sustained may be seemingly minor, but develop overtime and, in many instances, an injury sustained in an accident can aggravate other prior pre-existing injuries. Notably, California law provides for recovery even in instances where an individual suffers from pre-existing medical conditions that have been aggravated by a recent accident.

Our attorneys have helped clients throughout California recover compensation for the damages they have sustained as a result of the negligence and intentional harmful conduct of other people. Our experienced team of legal professionals are on-hand to evaluate your case, assess the available evidence and determine the appropriate value of your case. We will aggressively represent your interests by demanding that you receive the compensation you deserve.

At Nehora Law Firm, we focus on obtaining maximum compensation for you based on the severity of the injuries you have sustained, the time you have taken off from work due to your injuries and the sum of the medical procedures you have underwent, as well as the medical treatment you will need to undergo in the future. We assess both economic and noneconomic sources of loss and recovery. Noneconomic sources of loss include the loss of quality of life, loss of sexual function, ongoing pain and emotional distress and long-term psychological injury. Economic damages may include lost wages, medical expenses and property damage, among others. We take each factor into consideration in developing our legal strategy for each case. Some of the factors we use to evaluate your case include:

Medical costs – past and ongoing

Loss of employment income

Impact the accident has on your personal life

Emotional and physical distress

No cost! We don't make a dime unless you do!

No cost!
We don't make a dime unless you do!

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No cost! We don't make a dime unless you do!

No cost!
We don't make a dime unless you do!

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Experienced Injury Lawyers

We have spent years defending large corporations such as insurance companies in bodily injury cases, and we have switched sides to represent injury victims. For this reason, we are intimately familiar with the weaknesses and strategies large corporations and insurance companies employ in defending personal injury claims. We know how to value cases and we know how to issue settlement demands that large companies such as insurance companies will be receptive to.

No cost! We don’t make a dime unless you do!