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Brain Injuries

Your Traumatic Brain Injury Prevention Guide

Posted in Brain Injuries on June 13, 2019

Traumatic Brain Injury Prevention Tips - Nehora Law Firm

A brain injury is any damage caused to the brain by an external force of impact or penetration, but there are ways to ensure traumatic brain injury prevention for people of all ages. The symptoms of a traumatic brain injury can vary depending on the type of injury. However, some common signs may indicate the possibility of a mild, moderate or severe brain injury. A mild brain injury results in immediate confusion or dizziness. The Read More »

Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment and Rehabilitation

Posted in Brain Injuries on June 10, 2019

Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment - Nehora Law Firm

Injuries to the brain may change things forever, but it's important to know the steps of traumatic brain injury treatment and rehabilitation, and how it can help after an accident. A brain injury is often referred to as the “silent killer” because they are extremely common and yet never discovered until severe symptoms appear. Mild and severe brain injuries may occur due to the negligence or malicious actions of another person. Road accidents, medical malpractice, Read More »

What to Know About Concussions in Sports

Posted in Brain Injuries on June 3, 2019

Number of Concussions in Sports - Nehora Law Firm

Concussions in sports are becoming more and more common, but what are the main causes, and how can we prevent it from happening? A concussion is the most common type of brain injury that affects people all across the country. Falls, accidents, violence, etc. can result in a blow to the head. Increasingly, sports have also become a common cause for concussions. Each year there is an average of 3.8 million sports-related concussions sustained by Read More »

4 Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

Posted in Brain Injuries on May 31, 2019

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury - Nehora Law Firm

Head injuries are much more common than you might expect, and there are many different causes of traumatic brain injury that can change your life in an instant. Head injuries are common in almost any situation. The delicate brain, further, is vulnerable to severe damage even in the mildest accidents. When an external force is stuck upon the head, there is a chance for traumatic brain injuries. The soft brain tissue is protected by a Read More »

How Do Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Settlements Work?

Posted in Brain Injuries on May 23, 2019

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Settlements - Nehora Law Firm

After a loved one suffers from injuries to the brain, you are entitled to compensation. However, mild traumatic brain injury settlements can be complex and lengthy. Here's how these settlements work. The experiencing of a brain injury can be devastating and complex. The consequences of a traumatic brain injury can include loss of motor skills; decline in memory proficiency; and the loss of ability to properly regulate emotion. Sufferers can lose abilities that they once Read More »

TBI In Children: What You Need to Know

Posted in Brain Injuries on May 14, 2019

Avoiding TBI In Chidren - Nehora Law Firm

TBI in children is especially dangerous given their developmental needs. Here are the signs, symptoms, and the support needed for children who have suffered from a brain injury. The impact of a traumatic brain injury differs in children and adults. The major reason for this is that a child’s brain is not fully developed. It is more vulnerable to the severe consequences of an injury and can also take longer to recover. Further, injury to Read More »

How Does Traumatic Brain Injury Law Work? Here's What to Know

Posted in Brain Injuries on April 25, 2019

Traumatic Brain Injury Law - Nehora Law Firm

Injury to the brain can occur for many reasons, but when can you hire an attorney? Here's how traumatic brain injury law works, and how filing a claim can help you. According to the statistics, an average of 2.7 million brain injuries occur, annually, from sports-related incidents. Additional types of traumatic brain injury occur as a result of daily activities, such as with being involved in auto accidents, falls, and acts of violence. In the Read More »

How to Avoid Traumatic Brain Injuries in Children

Posted in Brain Injuries on February 16, 2019

traumatic brain injuries

Traumatic brain injuries in children is exceedingly common, and the symptoms are not always immediately known. Here's how to tell if your child has brain trauma, and how to avoid future accidents. The kids are going back to school soon and that means playground fun for some, athletics training for others. And along with such activities is the risk for an accident. How concerned should parents and educators be about brain injury accidents? Are there measures Read More »

What Are The Different Types of Brain Injuries?

Posted in Brain Injuries on December 9, 2018

Woman With Head Trauma Injury

There are many types of brain injuries that can occur during an accident, and it's important to know the differences, and how to avoid them. From concussions to anoxal injury, there are many types of trauma. Below we explain the various types injuries as well as the most common causes of head trauma that can lead to brain damage. 6 Common Types of Brain Injuries Brain injuries can either be open or closed head injuries. Read More »

Medical Malpractice Claims Considering Brain Injuries

Posted in Brain Injuries on January 31, 2018

Medical Malpractice Claims Considering Brain Injuries - Nehora Law Firm

What Are Medical Malpractice Claims? When a person has been hurt in an accident, becomes ill, or if it is a woman giving birth to a newborn, the last thing to expect is for the medical practitioner to commit some form of malpractice that results in a brain injury. Routine procedures that require a trip to the hospital should never leave a person with brain injuries due to medical malpractice. The sobering fact is that Read More »

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