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What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need For Identity Theft

Are You Interested in Learning What Kind of Lawyer You Need for Identity Theft?


In order to understand what kind of lawyer you need for an identity theft case, you need to understand what identity theft is in general and the basic law that applies to circumstances involving identity theft. First, identity theft occurs where a person or business utilizes the identity of another person, usually without the victim’s consent. The identity theft usually becomes a problem because it results in damage to the victim’s credit. The simplest example of identity theft damage to a person’s credit is where inaccurate information is reported to the credit bureaus and thus, the victim’s credit report. Second, the FCRA is the body of law that provides the mechanism to dispute inaccurate reporting related to identity theft. An FCRA lawyer can assist you if you have fallen victim to identity theft by helping unwind the damage to your credit and obtain monetary relief for you to compensate you for the financial losses you have suffered.

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