Premises Liability Lawyers – Have you been injured?

Premises liability claims are those claims that concern injury caused on the premises of another person. Property owners need to take due consideration regarding local, state and federal legislation. This means meeting their obligations to ensure that there are no risks or hazards to visitors – not only inside the property but also on the… Read more »

What are noneconomic damages? An explainer.

Have you recently been injured? Was that injury caused by a third-party or entity – through negligence, recklessness or intent? At Nehora Law Firm, we help clients throughout Orange County recover compensation as a direct result of personal injury. The compensation one receives, however, depends upon a wide variety of circumstances, many of which we… Read more »

Wrongful Death Attorneys – How we can help

Wrongful death refers to the death of a loved one caused through the negligence of another person, entity or business. Depending on your personal connection to the decedent in question, you may be entitled to damages – both economic and noneconomic damages. At Nehora Law Firm, our wrongful death attorneys have helped clients throughout Orange… Read more »

Products Liability Lawyers – Do you have a case?

Products can cause injury, often serious or even fatal injury. Products liability is that part of the law concerned with holding those responsible for the production and transfer of products – such as manufacturers, distributors, retailers and suppliers – should those products be defective and cause injury to consumers. Defects can take many forms, such… Read more »

Construction Accident Attorneys in Irvine

Have you been involved in a construction accident in Irvine? At Nehora Law Firm, we have experienced construction accident attorneys who can help you recover compensation. We have helped many clients throughout Orange County recover losses incurred through the negligence, intention or recklessness of a third party. If you are unsure whether you have a… Read more »

Auto Accidents – Securing the Best Settlement

On average, about four people are injured in auto accidents every minute – and that’s just in the United States. In most cases, drivers are insured and auto accidents are resolved in an amicable and mature manner. We know, though, that this isn’t always the case. Many car accidents are complicated; they may involve multiple… Read more »

Dog Bite Lawsuits – Where Do You Stand?

Have you been bitten by a dog? As unpleasant as these attacks may be, legal solutions are available. Are you, then, aware of the legal implications of these attacks, and how, if circumstances are not suspect, you may be entitled to compensation? In today’s blog, we review dog bite lawsuits; more specifically, we review where… Read more »

Accident Attorneys in Orange County – Do You Have a Case?

Injury claims vary, often quite considerably. Settlements range from the hundreds to the millions of dollars. No one accident attorney can determine, at the outset, what the settlement amount may be. Only on further research, and with medical documentation and evidence to hand, can some proportionate amount be estimated. Damages can be difficult to estimate.… Read more »

Your Personal Injury Lawyers in Orange County

Are you looking for personal injury lawyers in Orange County? Nehora Law Firm is a full-service law firm that offers effective legal representation for personal injury cases. We offer our legal services to individuals, small businesses and institutional organizations throughout Orange County. Our personal injury lawyers are both experienced and professional – capable attorneys who… Read more »