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Shawn grew up in California, and he's lived in the same apartment on his own for the past six years. He makes a good living as a professional surfing instructor and he's hoping to settle down in the next year. He would say that things have been going well for him – and his move to California was one of the best things that he could have done for his life and career.

When a new couple moved in next door, he thought that he would do the right thing and introduce himself. When he arrived, they welcomed him in for a few drinks – and he offered to fix a few things around the house if they ever were to need some help.

It had been a few months since anyone had taken proper care of the property and Shawn noticed that the lawn needed some serious work. He offered to cut the lawn for them on the following Sunday: It looked like a lot of work and he was up for helping out a new neighbor. Besides, he had a lawnmower and they didn't.

On the day, his neighbors gave him some lemonade and he set off to work, starting with the backyard. It wasn't nearly as much work as it seemed: All it needed was some time and patience for the lawn to be brought back to its original state.

Shawn could hear a dog barking in the distance as he was mowing the lawn, but paid it no mind. It was only when he heard someone yelling at him to be careful that he turned around and saw a large Rottweiler running towards him from the veranda.

He immediately switched off the lawnmower and stood frozen to the spot. The dog leaped at him and he felt a sharp pain in his leg. Soon, the owner had gotten the dog off of Shawn and back into the house, but it looked like the damage had already been done.

His leg was bleeding badly, and it appeared that a part of his leg had been bitten clean through.

The neighbor apologized: She said that the dog had never done anything like this before. She refused to take responsibility beyond this and would later go on to tell Shawn that she wasn't responsible for any damages as a result of what had happened.

Shawn had to go straight to the emergency room for stitches. According to the doctor, the damage sustained from this was going to take a while to heal properly. He had to take time off work: As a surfing instructor, he couldn't take the risk of contracting an infection in the water until the injury healed completely.

When it was time for the stitches to come out, Shawn noticed that he could no longer feel his toes or ankle. On going back to the doctor, he found out that the injury was more serious than the original tests had shown.

A simple kind act turned into far more trouble than it ever could have been worth for Shawn. The incident led to a lifelong impact on his health, and he had to settle the emergency room bill out of his savings money. The sudden loss of income meant that he had to work twice as hard just to cover basic expenses – and the effect that the accident had on his mobility meant that this was now a much harder task than it had been before.

As a result of the incident, Shawn has trouble walking and a partial loss of feeling in his leg due to the nerve damage.

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