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Oliver Jackson is a 31-year-old man who has been living with his wife in Berkeley, California for the past six years. They have a lot of things planned for their future, and Oliver hopes to have a child with his wife within the next year.

He lives a healthy lifestyle, recycles because it's the right thing to do and does what he can to reduce his impact on the rest of the environment.

Part of his plan for a healthier lifestyle is walking the distance to work every day instead of driving his car. Other than reducing the amount of fuel used every week, it helps to keep him healthy and saves him the extra time of going to the gym to get his exercise when he can just exercise like this.

He likes to think that things are going well.

Some time during the beginning of March, Oliver takes his regular walk to work. He's sure that it's going to be just another day like any other one – but something goes differently today, and it's something that changes his entire life.

A construction worker accidentally drops a piece of timber from the scaffolding while Oliver walks past a building site. The piece of timber hits Oliver right at the top of his head.

A nearby taxi driver who saw the accident happen pulled over and took Oliver to the emergency room of the nearest hospital. Oliver called his wife from inside the taxi and tells her that he has to go to the hospital for a few stitches, but that she shouldn't worry because it was nothing serious.

On his arrival at the hospital, the doctor said that a few urgent tests have to be done.

The damage is more serious than it initially seemed. According to the scans done shortly after it happened, it's more than something that can just be stitched up.

The scans showed that Oliver had sustained severe damage to his skull during the accident: A piece of nail embedded in the wood had entered in through the skull, causing the severe bleeding – and it would have to be surgically removed.

Worried about what was going to happen next, Oliver immediately called his wife again and let her know that their plans for the future were going to have to change – at least for a while.

When he woke up from surgery, all went well: But Oliver and his wife would soon find out from their health insurance company that they weren't willing to cover the majority of the surgical costs, and they would have to exhaust their savings just to start paying their medical debt.

There is no follow-up from the construction company and it feels to them like there is no accountability for what happened. Oliver and his wife call the construction company several times, but they always given a convenient run-around by the staff and told that the CEO will call them back when he's able to, but there's never any feedback about the incident.

Oliver stopped walking the distance to work and basic things like sleeping on his side have become painful and difficult. He'd say that his health never felt the same as it did before the incident took place.

As a result of the incident, Oliver experiences a host of chronic issues that includes impaired vision, chronic headaches and pain at the site where the piece of nail was removed.

He also experiences chronic sinus issues as a consequence of the injury – and more than a year after the injury took place, they are still working to settle the bills for what the initial surgery cost them.

Our Brain Injury Lawyers can help if the above sounds familiar.

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