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Lisa is a 27-year-old woman who grew up in Oakland, California. She relocated to a one-bedroom apartment in San Diego in 2017 to pursue a future away from her parents, and she appreciated the independence that she managed to find on her own.

It didn't take her long for her hard work to pay off, and she landed a job at one of the top bakeries within the first six months of her arrival in town.

She started out as an assistant, although by 2018 the company had been impressed enough with her work to promote her to one of the head baker positions: Finally, she had the opportunity to interact with clients and have some creative control over cake designs. This was what she had always wanted.

The best thing about the job was the fact that they were giving her an assistant of her own! This means that the bakery was now able to produce at a faster rate – and some of her initial cupcake designs tested extremely well in the store.

Seven months into her new job as head baker, they got big news: They received the contract to cater for one of the biggest corporate functions of the year. It involved a cake larger-than-life for the function as well as the addition of more than 200 cupcakes to serve guests. Without a doubt, this was the largest contract the bakery had gotten up until this point.

It was a lot of pressure with a tight deadline, but Lisa was pretty confident that the assistant had worked with her for long enough to be able to handle the pressure just fine. Plus, they had just gotten in new industrial mixers and ovens a month ago in preparation for a job just like this one.

The cake involved several different layers: The end product was going to be spectacular, but was also going to be heavy. The first step to creating the cake is the batter – and Lisa is relying on a trusted recipe that she has made with the help of her assistant many times over.

The only thing that's different is that it has to be made in a much larger quantity this time. For this, they make use of the larger industrial mixers. These are heavy and require two people in order to pick them up.

Lisa warns her assistant to make sure she has a proper grip on the handles before they attempt to lift it up. Her assistant looks away as they are about to lift and tips the mixer to the floor.

Lisa feels herself lose her footing and go down. She hits her bottom jaw against the side of the mixer.

The impact of the fall dislocates her knee – but the moment she regains her composure, she realizes that it's likely the injuries are worse than she originally thought.

Her assistant takes her to the emergency room.

Scans show that Lisa sustained a broken jaw and fractured kneecap as a result of the incident. Immediate surgery is needed to wire her jaw in place – and the doctor estimates that she might be unable to work for as much as six months or more after this.

While the injury heals well, Lisa makes a follow up appointment with her doctor a few months after the incident took place: Something doesn't feel right.

As a result of the injury she experiences chronic pain in her neck and jaw, as well as pain in her knee from the fracture that impairs her ability to walk. According to the doctor, she might need further surgeries to repair the damage – and she does not have the available savings to cover the costs.

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