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Lisa Schwartz is a single woman who has just moved into a small one-bedroom apartment on the California beachfront to start a new job. She's in her thirties, and it feels like it's time for her to take charge of her own future more than ever before.

Her new job in California is what she's been waiting for, and after getting out of a long-term relationship that lasted six years, she feels that it's the right time for a new start.

As part of her relocation to California from mid-state Connecticut, she decides that she's going to change a few things about her look at the first chance she gets. Part of her new job and new life is wanting to feel better about herself than ever before.

The job involves time in front of the camera as a night-time news anchor and Lisa wants to make extra sure that she looks the part. She might even get a new dress for going out to celebrate a job well done after her first successful day on the show.

A friend of hers mentioned a great local clothing boutique that had everything she needed – and after this, they could both meet up at the restaurant on the top floor.

What could be better for a new future than an entirely new look?

On what seemed like a regular Friday in the first half of the year, she went clothes shopping at the boutique. It took a few tries, but she finally found the perfect outfits that she could see working – the wardrobe department had suggested something classic and black, and the few options she had could be perfect.

The rest of the clothing she could wear to events and things. Sure, it might be a bit of an expense after just moving house, but she figured that it was just as much of an investment in her future as moving to California in the first place.

She paid for the clothes, happy that she was doing the right thing and feeling good about starting her new job on Monday.

Then, the worst possible thing happened: A part of the boutique's ceiling collapsed and hit Lisa on the back of the head on the way down. She couldn't move out of the way fast enough, and the blow knocked her to her feet.

She thought that she felt fine until the cashier looked at her with a worried expression on her face and told her that her head and nose were bleeding severely.

Lisa was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and immediately booked in.

At the hospital, she was told that tests showed that she had a concussion as well as severe internal bleeding as a result of the accident.

The clothing store said they weren't responsible for the accident: And they refused a refund on the clothing that had sustained damage in their store.

The doctor also told her that the x-rays showed a curvature in her neck that was present at the time before the accident. He explained that this existing neck curvature made the damage that the injury did to her neck worse, and that it could mean she is at a higher risk of developing other neurological conditions as a result.

As a result of the injury, she experienced chronic neck and back pain for the time thereafter – and had to have several surgeries to repair the damage that had been done.

She never walked the same again, and the experience also additionally meant that Lisa would struggle with chronic headaches and a partial loss of vision in her left eye for which the doctor said that surgery might be too risky.

A brain injury attorney can help if the scenario described above sounds familiar.

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