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Lisa-Marie is a 29-year-old fitness instructor who has been living in a two-bedroom California apartment with her boyfriend for the past two years. During these two years, they have decided on their plan for the future – and they've even put some money away so that they can do something to become homeowners instead of just leasing an apartment.

She prides herself on staying healthy and keeping to a healthy lifestyle. Other than following a healthy diet, she also goes on a regular morning jog to keep her in good health. The distance of the walk varies on how much she has time for that day, but she always takes the same route – and always makes a stop at the park just around the corner from home to rest her legs.

In October 2018, Lisa-Marie's walk changed into a nightmare experience instead. She was walking along her regular route and made it to two miles away from her house. She heard the sound of car tires behind her and looked back just in time to see an SUV driver swerving to avoid a stray dog and piling straight towards her. There was no way that she could make it out of the way fast enough.

The car hit Lisa-Marie directly and she rolled over the dash of the car. Although she felt stunned, she managed to get back to her feet. The driver offered to take her to hospital, but Lisa-Marie said that she was fine to drive herself. She was sure that it looked worse than it really was.

When she got to the hospital, the doctor ordered immediate scans which showed that she had sustained a broken shoulder and fractured several ribs as a result of the accident.

The first thing that was going to be necessary was to take time off work. The shoulder was braced – and from there, she was told that she was going to need to take things easy. As a fitness instructor she knew just how important her healing time was going to be.

The driver said that she was not at fault for the accident happening and said that her responsibility towards Lisa-Marie ended when she refused a ride to the hospital on the day of the collision.

Even though her boyfriend managed to help her out when it came to small things during her recovery time, they suddenly had a lot more financial responsibility to deal with and a host of medical bills that they didn't have before.

In spite of the pain, Lisa-Marie managed to stay positive for most of her recovery period – until the cast finally came off. She received further devastating news: The discomfort that she had been feeling in her shoulder could be permanent – and if it wasn't, it was going to take several more months of intensive physical therapy before the injury could be considered close to healed.

She has also been warned by her doctor that she might need additional surgery to recover movement, and it's something that she just doesn't have the time or money for.

As a result of the injury, Lisa-Marie experiences chronic pain in her shoulder and a loss of mobility due to the way the shoulder healed. Other than affecting her daily life, the shoulder injury has also affected her work life just as much – and it has meant that she has had to take even more time off as a fitness instructor on the days that she can't keep up with the intense physical needs of the job.

Additionally, she experiences further pain as a result of the accident in her ribs that makes taking a deep breath painful, especially when she has spent time exercising as part of her job.

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