Karen’s Pedestrian Accident

Karen is a 33-year-old woman who moved to California from New York to be closer to her long-term boyfriend and job. She’s been living here for the past four years, and she already feels like she’s making great progress towards their future. She already has a child from her first marriage, and they are planning to have a child together of their own soon - as soon as things are financially looking better; they are hoping to take the next big steps for their future within the next year.

She enjoys taking her son to the park during the afternoons: Usually, they spend a few minutes every day there as part of their quality time. It’s one of the quietest parks around and it gives her an opportunity to sit down and unwind for a while after a long day. It’s a much-needed break.

In July 2016, the accident happened that would change all of their lives forever.

A drunk driver mowed through the park in the light of day: He went straight through the fence separating the park from the rest of the road and headed for them like an arrow. Even though Karen could react fast enough to the accident to push her son out of the way and to safety, she took the brunt of the impact from the car’s hood as it went right into her.

What had been just a regular day turned into a nightmare of an event for Karen and her 3-year-old son.

A bystander who saw the accident take place phoned an ambulance to take Karen to hospital and phone her boyfriend as her emergency contact. The same bystander also managed to take down the type of car - and the plates - for the driver who had caused the accident and then sped away in the other direction as though nothing had ever happened.

At the hospital, Karen would find out that while her son had only sustained a minor scrape thanks to her heroic actions, what happened to her was a whole lot worse. X-rays showed that she had broken her leg in at least three places and that she unknowingly struck her head in the process, resulting in serious memory loss. Immediate surgery was needed.

In the meantime, Karen’s boyfriend does what he can to trace the driver of the vehicle who caused the accident. He thinks that they might be insured against damages like this. When he finally tracks down the driver of the blue SUV that caused the accident, the driver hangs up on him and blocks his number: Clearly, he has no intention of taking any responsibility for what happened.

As a result of the accident, Karen has to walk around with the help of crutches and she experiences chronic pain in her left leg as a consequence of the accident and the subsequent surgery to repair the damage. The doctor tells her that it’s likely the pain will continue - and that they could try another expensive surgery, but there’s no guarantee that she would ever be able to regain her full mobility the way she had before.

Even though she would like to give the secondary surgery a try, they are steadily running out of the available funds that they need in order to cover their medical costs.

Financially, things were no longer looking as great as they did before the accident took place. As a result of the severity of the injuries and the long time it takes to recover after the surgeries, Karen has to take more time off work - and this results in the eventual loss of her job because of the fact that she becomes unable to keep up the pace of being on her feet all day due to severe chronic pain.

Does the aforementioned fact pattern sound familiar to you? If so, contact a brain injury lawyer.

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