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Joshua is a 27-year-old carpenter and business owner who lives in San Diego, California. He shares an apartment with his roommate Mike and they split the cost of rent and utilities down the middle every week. This allows him to keep his costs low and put a larger amount of his money into savings, which he hopes to use to expand his business with a new range of products within the next eight months if everything goes well.

His parents are retired and live in their own home on the other side of the state. When he can, he  sends some money home to help out.

In the beginning of 2018, he landed a large contract for a customized job in Oakland. The client was in need of strong cupboards to match the rest of the design in her kitchen, and they signed a contract based on preliminary designs he had submitted.

Part of the deal was the building and installation of the customized cupboards he had designed for the job.

On the day of the cupboard installation, things went well: After a few hours of work, he stepped back to say that it was a job well done. It was one of his best works and he was sure that the client was going to love it just as much as he did.

Then, things went wrong: Joshua turned around when he heard furious barking somewhere in the house. It appeared to come from a large, black dog. The client didn't disclose that there was a dog somewhere in the house – and Joshua had spent most of his life terrified of most larger ones.

He tried to take a step further back, but the dog lunged at him from the end of the hallway.

The owner of the dog heard the commotion and almost immediately showed up to restrain the dog, but it was too late. Joshua had already been bitten several times and blood was gushing out of his wrist.

Joshua asked the owner to phone an ambulance. At the emergency room, the injury is cleaned up and Joshua receives stitches. He's told to come back in a few weeks if he experiences any problems with the injury from there – and he's advised to limit the use of his left arm for as long as he can to ensure healing.

He is unable to work for six months after the accident occurs. In order to cover costs, Joshua is forced to access some of his savings money to cover the basic medical bills – and to sustain himself during this six-month period.

At the end of these six months, Joshua does not have enough money to expand his business as he was hoping to before the incident.

On his return to the doctor's office, he complains about chronic pain in his wrist as well as a loss of feeling in the fingertips of his left hand. The doctor orders more tests to be done and says that there is a large chance of never regaining the full use of his hand.

Further surgery is needed, and Joshua has to delve into his savings again in order to cover the costs.

The client pays for the installation of the cupboards, but claims that the dog bite wasn't their responsibility. They refuse to pay for any damages – and Joshua has to pay for everything from the ambulance fees through to the medical costs.

As a result of the injury, he never regains the full use of his left hand and experiences severe chronic pain in his wrist that greatly impairs his ability to work.

Our dog bite injury lawyers can help if the above sounds familiar.

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