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George is a 24-year-old guitarist from Idaho. He originally found his way to California as part of looking for an apartment where he could pursue more session work – and there were more music studios in this short stretch of California than he had ever seen in his hometown. This turned out to be a leap of faith that landed him in the middle of the right place at the right time – and he was almost immediately signed by one of the leading studios as an in-house session player.

Session work was extremely fast-paced, but it gave him the chance to interact with new and experienced musicians alike, learn their tricks and get paid at the same time for having the most fun he's ever had while playing guitar.

What could be better than that?

Experience has taught him that things tend to go wrong before big performances and recordings, so he's always learned to take along a spare for everything: Guitar picks, strings and of course, guitar leads. As long as he's got these things as part of his kit, he feels set.

When the occasion finally presented itself and none of the band's guitar leads would work, he got one of his trusty cables out of the bag. These, he was told by the salesperson, ensure high-quality audio – and wouldn't succumb to the twists and turns that usually messes up a guitar cable to begin with.

He knew it was always better to be prepared in the event of an emergency like this, and he would have considered himself pretty prepared. But then something happened that nobody could have anticipated.

Plugging the end of the lead into his guitar, he suddenly felt like a few thousand volts of electricity was shooting through his fingertips. A quick-thinking sound technician switched off the main power, but George had already feel himself lose consciousness for a few seconds.

“What the hell just happened?” he asked.

He took a look at the smoking, melted guitar cable in the studio and realized what had just taken place. He was still feeling dazed, but insisted that he felt fine. The boss insisted that he takes a day off instead and goes to a doctor just to get it checked out. George is in no mood to argue and agrees.

When he finally arrives at the emergency room, he realizes that he can barely move his hand. In fact, it feels like his hand has been held under boiling water for several minutes – and the pain doesn't stop.

The doctor examines his hand and says that he has sustained severe burns to his right hand as a result of the electrical shock.

As a guitarist he immediately realizes how bad this news could be for him. He also realizes that it was an irresponsible and dangerous mistake on the part of the manufacturer that could have killed anyone else – but they refuse to see it this way and stop responding to his e-mails.

Several weeks into the healing process, the fresh electrical burns heal into scars – but he still notices that he has not regained most of the mobility in his hand. Another appointment with his doctor tells him that he has sustained nerve damage to his hand as a result of the accident that could be permanent.

The doctor says that time will tell whether or not the feeling will come back to his hand in a few months or years, but time is the one thing that he is running out of: Just a few months in, he pushes his credit card to the limit to cover the expenses of having been unable to work for a few months, and it's a setback that could take him years of savings to repair.

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