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Call us today to speak with an Anaheim personal injury lawyer regarding how we can help you recover compensation for injuries you sustained from a car accident, truck accident or motorcycle accident. Consultations are FREE. Simply call us at 949-629-4349.

You Do NOT Pay If We Do Not Win. Schedule a Free Consultation With an Anaheim Personal Injury Attorney Today.

Anaheim Personal Injury Lawyers

Have you sustained injuries as a result of an accident in Anaheim, California? Our lawyers can help you recover compensation for your injuries and reimbursement of your medical expense.

We have helped clients throughout California recover compensation for injuries that have been caused by car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents, among other disastrous events. Consultations with us are always FREE!

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Accidents can be damaging, often fatally damaging. Injuries not only come with medical and financial costs but can also be emotionally and psychologically taxing. That’s why our injury attorneys take account of all of the types of injuries you have sustained, including economic and noneconomic damages in the process of determining the maximum possible compensation we can obtain for you.

No cost! We don't make a dime unless you do!

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How Our Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You

Many prospective clients approach our team of lawyers, unsure of whether they have a case. The intricacies of the law can, for many, prove complex and overwhelming – leaving many people to rely on the whim of insurance companies.

Personal injury accidents in California can take many forms. For example, we have helped clients who have suffered personal injuries due to:

Disablement and disfigurement caused by a defective product

Property damage due to car accidents

Wrongful death, where through negligence, a loved one was lost

Noneconomic damages, such as loss of quality of life

Long-term psychological distress

Serious injury from dog bites

Head and neck injuries on construction sites

Insurance companies frequently underestimate the damages you’re entitled to. Similarly, accident victims are understandably unsure of the appropriate amount of compensation and therefore stand to benefit from retaining legal counsel to assist in negotiating directly with the insurance companies. If this sounds familiar, you may want to consult with an attorney immediately.

There are thousands of accidents that occur within the state of California each year. Many of these accidents stem from intentional conduct or acts of negligence for which monetary compensation can often be recovered. However, there are a number of people who forego their rights to obtain compensation due to their failure to comply with California laws which outline how, when and where a claim must be filed. For instance, an important rule that directly impacts the success of a claim is the statute of limitations. If you or your loved one has been involved in an accident or incident and you are unaware of whether you have a valid claim, contact the attorneys at Nehora Law to determine your rights to relief today.

Our accident attorneys work with you to help establish the merits of your case and help ensure that you comply with the pertinent rules that govern when a claim is made. The statute of limitations outlines the latest date in which a lawsuit may be filed against the responsible parties. Failure to file a claim within the statutory period results in the inability to recover compensation, which would mean the accident victim forgoes compensation for the following items:

Medical costs – past and ongoing

Loss of employment income

Impact the accident has on your personal life

Emotional and physical distress

No cost! We don't make a dime unless you do!

No cost!
We don't make a dime unless you do!

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Our Philosophy

At Nehora Law Firm, we take each injury case we have very seriously. We encourage you to contact us in order to discuss your case and provide with an evaluation of how we can help you obtain compensation for your injuries. Fill out our online form today and one of our lawyers will contact you immediately.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you recover not only compensation for your injuries but also reimbursement for medical bills you previously incurred, as well as additional sums of money for medical bills you are likely to incur in the future as a result of your injuries.

No cost! We don't make a dime unless you do!

No cost!
We don't make a dime unless you do!

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We have spent years defending large corporations such as insurance companies in bodily injury cases, and we have switched sides to represent injury victims. For this reason, we are intimately familiar with the weaknesses and strategies large corporations and insurance companies employ in defending personal injury claims. We know how to value cases and we know how to issue settlement demands that large companies such as insurance companies will be receptive to.

NO COST! We don’t make a dime unless you do!