Accident Attorneys in Orange County – Do You Have a Case?

Our accident attorneys can help you recover compensation from personal injury. Here, we review the many factors that can make up your case.

Injury claims vary, often quite considerably. Settlements range from the hundreds to the millions of dollars. No one accident attorney can determine, at the outset, what the settlement amount may be. Only on further research, and with medical documentation and evidence to hand, can some proportionate amount be estimated. Damages can be difficult to estimate. Some costs, such as medical bills and lost wages, are clearly easier to estimate than emotional damage, for example.

That being said, each personal injury case is unique. There are many determining factors to consider; each claim being considered on its individual merit. When you contact an accident lawyer, they will discuss the case with you – down to the last detail. These details are important; they add to the body of knowledge the attorney uses to evaluate your case. Not only will the lawyer establish whether you have a case, but they’ll use these details to determine how much compensation, if any, you’re entitled to recover.

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Factors Accident Attorneys Consider

  • Nature of your injuries – physical, emotional?
  • Severity – how severe are your injuries?
  • Work – have you lost time from work?
  • Responsibility – what role did you play?
  • Evidence – what evidence supports your claim?
  • Long-term – has it affected family relationships?
  • Disability – to what extent are you disabled?
Delivering the Right Message
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Accident attorneys also consider other factors, too. For example, they consider insurance coverage – and to what extent the insurance covers your specific injuries. They also consider future needs, such as future medical bills – the sum you’re likely to need in months and years ahead. Personal injury lawyers are, then, specialists in evaluating a wide and complex spectrum of inter-related factors.

Once these factors are considered, in their entirety, your accident lawyer can then proceed with your case. Negotiations begin when your lawyer demands compensation from the relevant party; informing them of their wrongdoing and supporting that demand by reference to the relevant legal statutes. The third-party, which is often an insurance company, may come back with a lower offer – and this continues until both sides reach an amicable agreement.

There may be times, however, when the third-party refuses to pay compensation. If your claim is strong enough, however, and the evidence is firmly in your favor, the accident attorney will file a lawsuit. Nehora Law Firm has helped clients recover compensation via both legal routes. If you are based in Orange County and would like to receive a free consultation on your case, fill out our online form today. On filling out the form, one of our accident attorneys will contact you immediately to discuss your case.