Products Liability Claims in Orange County

Product defects can cause minor to serious, to even fatal, personal injury accidents. Learn more about how you can recover compensation.

Products liability refers to personal injury claims caused by a defective product. And, as such, there are innumerable kinds of products liability claims. For example, defective products may arise from toys, electrical appliances and vehicles. Similarly, the range of injuries that one may experience differs too – from the mild to the serious and, in some cases, to the fatal. With an experienced products liability attorney, you can recover damages – both economic and non-economic – from the injuries you have sustained.

At Nehora Law Firm, we have represented clients throughout Orange County. Our personal injury lawyers have helped clients recover the maximum possible compensation sum; a diligent, focused approach that puts the client, and their individual circumstances, first. We offer a free legal consultation to help determine whether you have a case and – once established – we draw up a viable blueprint toward settlement.

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Types of Products Liability Claims

  • Manufacturing flaws – refers to the process in which the product is made. Poor manufacturing practices or inappropriate use of materials, may result or contribute toward manufacturing defects.
  • Inherent flaws – design defects are not equivalent with manufacturing defects. For example, a product may be manufactured with the correct materials and through the correct process, but it may have an intrinsic design defect whose risk was always present.
  • Marketing flaws – consumers need to be informed about the product they’re purchasing. If consumers are improperly informed about how best to use the product, they are at risk of personal injury.
Products Liability Claims
Our products liability attorneys can help you recover compensation if you have suffered injury or damages caused by a defective product.

It’s worth remembering that personal injury is not limited to the individual who purchased the product. Products liability claims have been filed by other affected persons who, though they did not purchase the product, were somehow directly impacted by the defect in question. Responsibility for defective products rests with those persons and/or organizations who contribute toward its manufacture, transfer and sale. Consumers are, in other words, not responsible for injuries sustained by defective products.

How to File your Products Liability Claim

Have you recently been injured as a direct result of a defective product?

If the answer to this question is yes, you should consult a qualified products liability lawyer to help determine whether you have a case. When you fill out our online form, one of our lawyers will be in touch to discuss your case with you. Consultations with our Orange County personal injury lawyers are always free. Once we establish that you do have a case, we discuss with you the options we can take toward settlement.

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