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Injuries on another's premises can cause immense, life-changing damage. Our personal injury lawyers are here to help you recover compensation.

Premises liability claims are those claims that concern injury caused on the premises of another person. Property owners need to take due consideration regarding local, state and federal legislation. This means meeting their obligations to ensure that there are no risks or hazards to visitors – not only inside the property but also on the site of the property, too. Our premises liability lawyers have helped clients throughout Orange County recover compensation for a wide variety of claims. Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys maximize your potential compensation.

Our team hold property owners accountable. By surveying the evidence at hand, we can establish your case and pursue it, via effective and reasoned negotiation, toward settlement. Of course, not every claim goes to court. In fact, most cases do not. Nonetheless, our team of attorneys are highly experienced at arriving at a fair and equitable settlement that reflects the nature of the injuries affected persons have sustained. The nature of the injuries determines what damages you’re entitled to. Below, we list some of the most common causes of premises liability claims.

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Causes of Premises Liability Cases

  • Incompetent construction
  • Flagrant construction legislation violations
  • Improper use of materials
  • Badly installed electrical systems
  • Presence of hazardous substances
  • Loose debris and materials
  • Improper security or warnings
Premises Liability Lawyers
Our team of premises liability lawyers have helped clients throughout Orange County recover compensation. Receive a FREE consultation today.

When you contact us, one of our premises liability attorneys will contact you for a free consultation. During that consultation, we will discuss your circumstances and determine whether you have a case. If we learn that you do have a case, we will map out a legal path toward negotiation and settlement. We evaluate your case to determine the fairest, most equitable offer of compensation and pursue that value aggressively. At Nehora Law Firm, we keep you informed and up-to-date throughout the entire process. Personal injury accidents can have severe and lasting consequences; we take each case very seriously.

Premises Liability Lawyers in Orange County

Our team have served clients throughout Orange County, whether it be Irvine, Santa Ana, Anaheim or Huntington Beach (though our services are not exclusive to these four zones). We have represented clients who suffered a diverse range of injuries. These injuries were caused by slips and falls, electrocution, exposure to hazardous substances, being hit by falling debris and staircase and elevator accidents. Injuries sustained include muscle and bone damage/breakage, head and neck injuries, spinal injuries, disablement, burns and long-term psychological distress.

Recall that property owners must take responsibility not only for the interior of the property but also the exterior site on which the property is based. Both the interior and exterior must be appropriately safe for the passage of visitors. Bear in mind, though, that there is a 2-year statute of limitations in place. In Californian legislation this means that claims must be filed within a 2-year period from the date the injury was sustained. There are minor exceptions to this more general rule, though. Consult one of our attorneys today to learn whether you still have a case.

Remember – there are both economic and noneconomic costs to each case. Economic costs include medical damages and loss of income. Noneconomic costs refer to loss of quality of life and other immaterial changes to your life. We evaluate both costs when arriving at a compensation figure. Fill our out online form, or, call us at (949) 629-4349, to receive a free consultation on your case. No matter what the nature of your injuries – minor or severe – you are entitled to compensation if they were caused through property-based negligence. Our premises liability lawyers are here to represent you.