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Have you recently been injured by a defective product? Our products liability lawyers have helped clients throughout Orange County recover the compensation they're entitled to.

Defective products that were, for example, improperly designed, manufactured, supplied, installed, inspected or repaired, can cause injury – often serious injury. The law allows a person to recover monetary damages for injury sustained by these products. Our products liability lawyers have helped clients throughout Orange County recover compensation from injuries sustained by these products. If you’re unsure whether you have a case, we recommend consulting one of our products liability attorneys today to receive a free consultation.

Product defects can take many forms. For example, the product may have been damaged during the manufacturing process, or, alternatively, injury may have been sustained from a failure by the producer to stipulate warnings in advance (what are known as “marketing defects”). Manufacturers have a duty to provide a safe, effective product – a product that accurately describes its function and a product that is fit for purpose. However, there are some small exceptions to these general rules (which we discuss below).

As well as manufacturing defects, we also have “design defects”. Design defects refer to an inherent flaw with the product. This means that, no matter how well the product is manufactured, the product retains an inherent flaw or danger. In other words, products with design defects are almost destined to cause injury. Of course, injuries are not limited to the purchaser of the product. A third-party may also be affected and, in such cases, the third-party is also permitted to file a products liability lawsuit. Our products liability lawyers, with our free consultation, can help you establish whether you have a case.


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With “marketing defects”, the question of responsibility is not black and white. For example, there are cases in which the product has an inherent danger – but this danger is linked to the direct function of the product. If the danger were removed, the function of the product would be limited. The removal of sharpness from a knife, for example, would render redundant the function of the product. In this case, it would not be possible to file a lawsuit should the affected party have sustained injury.

Products liability lawsuits can, in some cases, prove contentious. In some cases, responsibility clearly lies with the manufacturer, supplier or other involved party. In other cases, where responsibility lies is not so clear. Products liability lawyers are equipped with both the knowledge and experience to determine who should be held accountable. We not only help establish whether you have a case and determine responsibility, but also maximize your potential compensation – assessing both economic and noneconomic damages.

At Nehora Law Firm, our products liability attorneys have helped clients throughout Orange County – from Irvine and Santa Ana, through to Anaheim and Huntington Beach. Our team have dealt with personal injury claims caused by manufacturing defects, design defects and marketing defects. We help maximize compensation; carving out a viable legal path that successfully negotiates our way toward settlement. Many products liability cases are arduous, complex affairs. Having a competent attorney on your side is therefore essential.

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