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Motor Vehicle Accidents

What Is An At Fault Accident & How Can You Avoid It?

Posted in Motor Vehicle Accidents on June 5, 2019

At Fault Accidents and Car Accident Attorneys - Nehora Law Firm

The legal system can be confusing, which makes it difficult if you've ever been injured in an accident. This guide discusses injury law in California, and what an at fault accident consists of. When we are involved in an auto accident, or any accident, our first thought is usually driven by basic survival. We check to see whether we are alright, and whether our passengers are safe, as well. Most of us will then move Read More »

Understanding What Happens in a Car Accident Lawsuit

Posted in Motor Vehicle Accidents on May 15, 2019

Car Accident - Nehora Law Firm

On average, there are 6 million car accidents every year. After an individual is injured in a car crash, they may pursue a car accident lawsuit - here's what to know. Being involved in a car accident can be a very traumatizing experience. For those who survive one, just the idea that they might not have survived can be haunting. When actual injury occurs, physical suffering is added to this psychological distress. And, for those Read More »

Injured from Manufacturer Car Defects? Now What?

Posted in Motor Vehicle Accidents on January 19, 2019

In 2014, the Orange County District's Attorney filed a complaint alleging that "GM endangered the public through deception regarding vehicle safety and reliability and gained advantage over its competitors by engaging in unfair business practices" by selling car models with known car defects in Southern California. These individuals were injured from manufacturing car defects, and unfortunately it happens more than we think. Here's what to do if you or a loved one is injured from a defective Read More »

Common Causes of Car Accidents & Steps to Take After an Accident

Posted in Motor Vehicle Accidents on November 15, 2017

The routine nature of driving each and every day leads many people to forget how serious operating a motor vehicle actually is. With so many distractions, there are many top causes of car accidents. Luckily, there are also ways to avoid them, and steps to take if you do get in an accident. People sometimes forget how dangerous operating a vehicle is. This can result in drivers disregarding basic traffic laws and engaging in negligent behavior Read More »

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