Common Causes of Car Accidents

The routine nature of driving each and every day leads many people to forget how serious operating a motor vehicle actually is. This can result in drivers disregarding basic traffic laws and engaging in negligent behavior behind the wheel. However, accidents happen every few minutes in the United States which, at best, cause an inconvenience to the families affected by them. In more serious cases, families suffer devastating losses that impact their financial and emotional wellbeing. If you or your loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident in the state of California, contact Nehora Law Firm today.


Common Accident Causes:

Accidents commonly occur as a result of driver negligence while operating a motor vehicle. More specifically, common causes of these accidents include:

  • Driving under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol: Alcohol, prescription drugs, and other recreational drugs impair one’s ability to safely control a vehicle and are known to cause delayed movement, reaction, and thinking. Drunk driving is a major concern on California’s roadways. On Labor Day weekend alone, the California Highway Patrol reported that there were 2,017 individuals arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. While there are large efforts in place to curtail drunk driving, there are still more than 16,000 injuries that occur each year as a result of drunk driving.
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Laws: The failure to obey traffic laws is a main cause of accidents within the state of California. California has more motorists on the roadway than many other states, which requires drivers to be extremely diligent to prevent accidents. However, speeding, failing to yield, running traffic lights, and failing to come to a complete stop when required to do so contribute to a number of motor vehicle collisions, many of which lead to serious calamities and wrongful death accidents.
  • Distracted Driving: Distracted driving is another cause of many motor vehicle accidents in California. It is easy to get bored while traveling in a car, especially when you frequently travel long distances. Technology has made it easy to have entertainment at your fingertips. Cell phones, iPads, and other gadgets can make it difficult to pay attention to what is happening in front of you while operating a vehicle. Other distractions such as passengers, eating, and applying makeup create a safety hazard by shifting your focus from the road.

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