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Should You File a Personal Injury Claim? How Does It Work?
19 September 2017
19, September 2017

Many clients wonder whether they have a case and, even if they do, whether they should pursue their case and file a personal injury claim. Here, we explain why the answer to that question should always be yes. After an accident, it can be difficult to move on. Given the nature of their personal injuries […]

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The Realities and Myths of Practicing Law
15 August 2017
15, August 2017

Ever wondered what lawyers actually do when they’re practicing law? Let’s separate fact from fiction and, as all lawyers try to do, get to the truth. Despite our representation on a myriad of TV shows, the life of a lawyer isn’t quite as glamorous as one would hope. While it may be true that many […]

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7 Essential Skills of an Injury and Accident Attorney
24 March 2017
24, March 2017

Every profession is associated with its own skill-set. In other words, education is often only the starting point. No matter what type of lawyer you are – from an injury and accident attorney to business litigation experts – consistent learning is needed. Whether you’re an aspiring lawyer or an experienced lawyer, there is always some new skill […]

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