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Injuries Resulting in Death Reach All-Time High

Costs Associated with Construction Related Injuries

The United States Department of Labor has identified four main causes of construction work-related injuries that most often result in death. They call these the “fatal four” because 64% of construction worker deaths had one of these four causes:

  • Falls 38.8% of all fatalities
  • Struck by object 9.5% of all fatalities
  • Electrocutions 8.6% of all fatalities
  • Caught-in or between 7.2% of all fatalities

If you are a survivor of a loved one killed in a construction accident, you have rights. You should seek the advice of an attorney experienced in the areas of wrongful death and construction injuries before settling with the employer or its representative insurance company.

There are many costs associated with work-related injuries. The average time away from work is around 10 days and lots of responsible companies will take care of their employees through workers compensation and insurance programs. But many people face a reality that is much different. It is not uncommon for employers and their insurance companies to deny claims leaving you holding the bill. Some costs include: