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4 Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury - Nehora Law FirmHead injuries are much more common than you might expect, and there are many different causes of traumatic brain injury that can change your life in an instant.

Head injuries are common in almost any situation. The delicate brain, further, is vulnerable to severe damage even in the mildest accidents. When an external force is stuck upon the head, there is a chance for traumatic brain injuries.

The soft brain tissue is protected by a surrounding fluid that does not allow the brain to be in direct contact with the skull. However, a violent action can move or jolt the brain significantly. This causes contact between the brain and skull which can result in closed head damage to some or all parts of the brain.

What Are the Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury?

There are different types of brain injuries that may occur. Penetrating injuries (such as a gunshot) cause a more visible and severe form of damage, by piercing through the skull and into the brain (or through it).

Most traumatic brain injuries result in the loss of consciousness. This may be for 15 minutes or longer. Mild injuries may not knock the person out but it will cause some dizziness or confusion.

However, there are four causes of traumatic brain injury that are most common: