Auto Accidents – Securing the Best Settlement

There were over 5 million auto accidents in the United States in 2012. Having effective legal representation, who knows your rights, is then, of paramount importance.

On average, about four people are injured in auto accidents every minute – and that’s just in the United States. In most cases, drivers are insured and auto accidents are resolved in an amicable and mature manner. We know, though, that this isn’t always the case. Many car accidents are complicated; they may involve multiple vehicles and conflicting testimonies of what went wrong. In these cases, it’s vital that you consult an experienced car accident lawyer who understands the intricacies of your case.

Besides assigning guilt, there are numerous other factors at play. For example, has your insurance company denied compensation for injury, lost wages and damaged property? Are you equipped to deal with car insurance companies? So, what might start out as a simple car accident can metamorphose into a messy, stressful affair. Unfortunately, statistics show that the number of auto accidents is not in remission:  there were over 5 million car accidents throughout the US in 2015, 30,000 of whom died – amplifying the ongoing need to know your rights.

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Auto Accidents – Most Common Injuries

  • Neck pain and swelling
  • Chest trauma; broken ribs, collapsed lungs
  • Lower back injuries
  • Long-term psychological damage
  • Facial bruising, laceration, scarring
  • Fractured, damaged, broken bones
  • Brain damage; caused by bleeding/swelling
Car Accident Lawyers
Auto accidents are common. Our car accident attorneys have helped hundreds of clients throughout Orange County recover their entitled compensation – whether from medical expenses, loss of wages or damaged property; receive a free consultation today.

Car accident lawyers can help you reach a settlement that suits you, cutting through the case in your favor. Having an experienced attorney to represent you is crucial. As we discussed above, auto accidents can be complex – with a web of conflicting evidence, dealing with insurance companies, while also understanding where your case sits regarding existing legislation. Our Orange County personal injury lawyers have helped hundreds of clients maximize their potential compensation.  

Car Accident Lawyers in Orange County

The value of your claim hinges on several factors; the most important of which is the evidence you’re able to collect. The more evidence, the stronger your case. Your auto accident lawyer then marshals this evidence - thoroughly analysing it – then putting forward this evidence in a manner that reinforces your case. Should a settlement not be reached, the case may then go to trial.

There are numerous types of auto accident claims. For example, there are cases of negligence and manufacturer liability, infrastructure design and wrongful death. We will thoroughly assess your claim – injuries, evidence, costs and liability – to determine how your case should best proceed. Clients are kept fully informed at every stage during the case; from consultation, right through to settlement.

Our personal injury lawyers can help you recover compensation from auto accidents. We offer a free consultation, helping you determine whether you have a case. Fill out our online form today and a car accident lawyer will immediately get back to you.