Robert’s Dog Bite Injury Accident

Robert is a man in his mid-sixties living in a small one-bedroom convenience apartment in California. He is nearing retirement age, and thinks that he has a decent amount of money put away. He loves his job so much that he might not retire at all, and he has been considering starting his own company that continues what he has been doing - but this time he wants to earn his own living.

He lives alone and feels that the life he has now caters to his needs well. He’s able to get around to most of what he needs from his apartment, and most of what he needs is right around the corner from where he lives.

When his neighbor Louis asked him if they could borrow his lawnmower for a morning, Robert decided that he would help them out instead. Instead of just pushing the lawnmower over to their place, Robert offered to take an afternoon and mow the lawn if he could borrow their leaf blower in return when he needed it.

It sounded like a decent deal - and they generally got along fine. Everyone was happy with the arrangement and Robert was sure that the entire lawn couldn’t take him more than half an hour all the way around.

When he was halfway done, he decided that he needed to take a break. Just as he was about to walk into the house, he felt a sharp pain in his right calf: It took him a while to realize that he had been bitten by a dog and that the wound had started bleeding heavily.

Louis appeared and immediately chased the dog into the house, closing the door. At first, he claimed that he had no idea where the dog could have come from. After a heavy argument, Louis finally admitted that the dog belonged to him.

Robert went straight home from there and bandaged up the injury as well as he could. The wound took several months to heal over properly, and he sustained a severe infection a few weeks into the healing of the injury and had to seek additional medical attention to treat this.

Louis refused to take responsibility for the incident that occurred. By the time that Robert thought to contact Louis about the damages this had caused, Louis claimed that this wasn’t his problem - and additionally, he had since gotten rid of the dog and claimed that the incident had never taken place.

To add insult to existing injury, Louis claimed that the lawnmower left behind belonged to him.

Robert didn’t have the savings to cover the medical expenses - and as a result of the incident, he had to take enough time off work to cost him his job.

While he’s managed to find additional employment in the meantime, he admits that the current job he’s working at doesn’t come with the same benefits (or the same salary) as the one he had before the accident happened.

As a result of the incident, Robert experiences difficulty walking and a considerable amount of discomfort and pain. Additional damage he sustained due to the accident means that he will need follow up surgery or face lifelong potential damage to the muscles in his calves. Additionally, Robert is now extremely fearful of dogs and has since been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

According to his doctors, this can add even more time to his recovery - and Robert has been putting this important surgery off for several months because he’s scared of the time that the further recovery could be taking out of his life. Plus, he doesn’t have the available funds that he needs in order to cover the expenses of the surgery that he still needs.

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