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Georgia and her partner Phil have been married for the past six years. They are both self employed and have built a pretty strong public relations company that handles branding and promotion for some of the biggest companies in California. It's good to see the business finally bearing fruit after four years of hard work and all of the money they had managed to save – including some loans that they had taken out together in order to get the business off the ground.

When they landed their first contract with six figures, Georgia and Phil decided that it was time to celebrate. They reserved a table at an exclusive California boat restaurant: Usually it took months to get a booking, but good luck and great timing meant a cancellation booking from another customer that meant they could get on-board.

They had heard excellent things about the restaurant, including that it had some of the best Italian food prepared by one of the most exclusive chefs around. It was an experience that they had been wanting to get to for a while but never really had the money or the time for: But the perfect time was now.

Everything went as planned at the very beginning of their trip. The boat left at the planned time, and their first experience of the cocktails and first course left nothing to the imagination. It was the experience that they thought it would be and more – and in six years, they had never gotten quite close to being this happy.

It was when Phil and Georgia leaned over to take a selfie that they noticed something was wrong. What they saw in their front-facing camera made them immediately turn around and try to call attention to anyone else on the boat.

Another boat that was considerably larger than theirs was approaching them with alarming speed.

It appeared that the captain took no notice of the approaching danger. He made no attempt to change course, and it seemed like he was going to go directly around the obstacle instead of trying to evade it.

It was gambling with danger in a dangerous way and they could both see that disaster was approaching, but what neither of them could anticipate was the way in which the ensuing accident would affect them.

Their boat hit the opposing one head-on.

Georgia woke up in hospital several days later: She was told that her husband Phil didn't make it, and she sustained a broken arm, several bruised ribs and a severe concussion.

She knew that the captain must have not been paying attention to the water to miss an obstacle this obvious. On further investigation she found out that the captain behind the steer had been inexperienced – and had not been properly trained to handle such a large boat, let alone commandeer it.

She knew the boating company and the captain of the boat should justifiable be held responsible for the damage and fatality that the accident had caused, but they claimed that this could have happened with any other driver – and that it was not their responsibility. They issued her with a letter that claimed they had agreed to absolve the company of any responsibility in the event of an accident when they had made their booking.

As a result of the incident, Georgia lost one of the most important people in her life. Her own health was never the same again after the accident, causing chronic pain in her arm and a loss of mobility as a result of the physical harm she had sustained.

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