Owen’s Defective Product Accident

Owen is a 29-year-old actor who has spent his entire life in California, but only the last five years in an apartment that overlooks the beach. Things are going well and he’s just landed a large starring role in one of the most successful performances of the last ten years - in fact, he would say that things couldn’t possibly go any better.

He’s been seeing the same girl for four years, and they’ve both talked about the possibility of getting married and finding their own place together. There’s a lot of potential for their future, and they’ve talked about going on with their plans as soon as the check from his role in the show has cleared.

A few weeks before the date of the show, it’s time to attend rehearsals. Most of them go spectacularly well, and Owen has no doubt that the show should go off without a hitch. He trusts his co-stars, and they’ve pulled off several successful shows before.

Finally, he has everything rehearsed from top to bottom until he knows every line. It seems a whole lot less scary now that he’s prepared. There’s still one thing that worries him about opening night: A loose floorboard on the stage has caught his foot several times, and he’s afraid that it might cause problems.

The director assures him that it will be handled before the show is set to open. Their team is one of the best in the business, he says, and he’ll make sure that everything gets checked from the floorboards through to the curtain’s railing. Tom feels reassured and takes the rest of the time to focus on practicing.

When opening night finally comes around, Tom has a pretty good feeling about how their final performance in the show will go. He speaks to the director a few minutes before they’re supposed to go on stage - and he’s again assured that things will go according to plan. The loose floorboard has already been taken care of.

When he’s finally on stage, the performance exceeds his expectations. The first and second acts go well, and he’s sure that the same will be true about the third.

As he’s about to deliver the first line of the final act, he hears a creaking noise. He moves his foot a little to the side, worried that it might be an underlying problem with the floorboard. Instead, a louder noise makes him look straight up.

He looks up just in time to see a stage light knock him right in the head due to a failure in the security mechanism.

This is definitely not how the show was meant to go. The curtain closes to the audience’s horror, and Tom realizes that he has no other choice but to go to the emergency from there.

The emergency room confirms his worst fears: Other than a few bleeding gashes from the broken lighting, he also sustained a very severe concussion and a broken jaw. The doctor has to keep him overnight, and a surgery is scheduled for the next day to repair the damage.

The surgery cost totals several hundred dollars, and it means that Tom is unable to work for several months. He never fully regains the use of his jaw after the surgery, and as a result of the incident, he additionally struggles with constant pain in his jaw - especially while eating.

The accident also resulted in several cracked teeth, which have to be fixed with surgery that Tom can’t afford. The pain resulting from his cracked teeth soon turn into a bigger problem because of the fact that he is unable to afford more surgery to repair the damage.

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