Obidjan’s Pedestrian Accident

Obidjan is a 29-year-old male who lives in California and shares an apartment in California with his brother Joseph. While they were both born in Kenya, their parents moved to America when they were still young boys - and they know how hard their father worked to provide them with a fresh start in another country.

He tries hard to do his family proud. He’s worked his way up to being head chef at the local restaurant, and he’s even been allowed to introduce some of his own creations inspired by the country he was born to the menu - and it’s been received well by everyone who has walked into the restaurant to try it.

He’s hoping to open up his very own restaurant one day. If he continues to work hard and save up his money and experience in the way that he has been doing, he might be able to do so comfortably within the next four to five years.

As part of the new menu introductions at the restaurant, Obidjan has to work later hours than usual to make sure the preparation is done for the next day’s worth of meals. He’s happy doing what he does - and he usually doesn’t mind a quiet walk back to their apartment when it’s already dark.

He lives in a quiet area and things like muggings seldom happen, even at night. It’s a huge part of why he loves the neighborhood they’re in.

On a Friday night in November 2012, an accident happened that would change Obidjan’s entire life and future. It started as one of the best nights they had ever had - and from there, it turned into one of the worst.

He was walking home just like he did every other night when the unimaginable happened: A taxi driver skipped over a red light unknown to him - and hit him from the side as he was crossing the road.

He didn’t see the driver because he was looking straight ahead, and the driver made no indication that he was approaching - even though he skipped over a red light, and even though he did not have his headlines on at the time of the accident.

The resulting accident would cost Obidjan the use of his right leg and physical trauma to his head.

He was rushed to hospital immediately after the accident: At hospital, he would hear that his leg had been fractured in so many places that the doctor referred to it as having been "completely pulverized."

According to the doctors, Obidjan was looking at several months of recovery time that would mean he would have to be booked off from his job as chef - and there was no guarantee that he would ever fully regain the feeling in his left leg that he had lost as a result of the nerve damage from the accident, and the doctors were sure that he would never be able to use his right leg again.

An attempt at surgery would later lead to an infection, which warranted an eventual amputation of the right leg.

If the accident had not happened in the way that it did due to the driver’s negligence, Obidjan knew that none of this would have happened at all. He contacted the taxi company in an attempt at recourse, but they were quick to say that there was no way of proving that their driver was responsible for the damage - and they said he was completely welcome to sue them if he could prove differently.

As a result of the accident, Obidjan’s life was never the same again - and he had to take considerable time off work and pay enough in medical bills that he had to put most of the plans for his future on hold.

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