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Lucinda is a 42-year-old single mother of two daughters who decided to move to California to pursue her career as a self-employed content writer. Things were finally going well, and she managed to land a few large contracts that made her move to California in 2019 possible.

As a self-employed freelancer, Lucinda likes the control that this gives her over her own routine. She sets her own hours, and as long as she gets the work done at the end of the day, she has more time to spend with her children at home – and this, as far as she's concerned, is as good as her life could possibly get.

The same as most freelancers who work from home, she realizes the importance of maintaining good health. She takes regular breaks to get up and stretch her legs and she's managed to become more physically active over the past few months. After her sister had a recent health scare, Lucinda has decided that she has to do a lot more to keep her health in great condition.

As a start, she walks around the block at least a few times per week. There's a small convenience store at the end – and when she's done with the walk, she always stops here and gets something for the kids before turning back to home.

During September of 2019, her regular walk would turn out to be something that she wished she could have skipped that day.

She was just half a mile away from the convenience store when she was hit from the back by an SUV.

It would later emerge that the driver had been distracted by their dog, which had leaped up from the backseat of the car and to the front. This caused the driver to swerve and hit Lucinda as a result.

She was in intense pain and couldn't move. Bystanders came to her aid, and told her that the car had already managed to speed away but that they managed to call an ambulance. Lucinda was more worried about her children, and asked someone to call her mother and tell her what had happened.

The emergency room visit confirmed why the pain was so severe: Lucinda had sustained a fractured pelvis and broken leg in three places. This was a very serious injury – and the driver was nowhere to be found.

The doctor immediately recommended that she be booked off work – and booked in for a few emergency surgeries.

Lucinda is subsequently forced to give up the lease on her apartment and move back in with her parents for the duration of her recovery until she's officially back on with her feet.

When they finally track down the driver that caused the accident, he still denies responsibility and says that they have no viable proof that it had been his car. The eyewitness must have made a mistake when taking down the plates of the car – and he says that it could not possibly have been his car. This means, he says, that the accident was not his problem or responsibility  - and dares them to sue him if they think they can prove any different.

As a direct result of the damage sustained in the accident, Lucinda experiences chronic pain in her pelvis and legs, and on the most painful days she has to make use of crutches to get around. Even simple tasks such as sitting upright for long periods of time to have access to her computer has become painful – and this has lost her a lot of her income as a result.

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