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Julia is a 32-year-old woman who has spent most of her life in various parts of California. She's finally settled now that she's nearing her mid-thirties, and her hard work has paid off to get her the spot as one of the top sales representatives for her company. There's some talk that she might even be promoted to manager if she can keep up the good work over the next few more m months to come.

When she gets home, she takes a few minutes to take her time off work before preparing dinner for the family. She's always loved to cook and learned some of the best tricks from her Italian grandmother. Cooking is as much part of her daily routine to relax as it's part of her daily life.

If there's' one essential thing she learned from her grandmother about cooking it's that a professional set of chef's knives is one of the essential factors for being an efficient chef – even if you're not a professional. A decent set saves you a lot of time, and she's also learned that you're much less likely to cut yourself with a proper knife than the average cheaper kitchen knife that dulls easily.

She decides to invest in a proper set of chef's knives to celebrate how well it's been going at work. After doing her research on some of the top brands on the market, she finds a brand that's recommended by some of the top chefs out there. According to her research, she can't go wrong with this set.

She places her order online – and sure enough, a few days later her brand new set of professional chef's knives arrives at her door.

Everything seems great at first, but after a few weeks of use, she notices that the fillet knife is losing some of its balance. It's while cutting through a chicken when the handle detaches itself from the rest of the knife, causing it to slip.

When Julia looks down, she sees blood streaming from a cut in her hand. She forgets all about dinner and tries to clean her hand under running water. The cut continues to bleed and the damage appears to be worse than she thought at first: It cut through to the bone.

Trying to stop the bleeding with a towel, she phones her husband who manages to drive her to the emergency room. The doctor assures her that the injury will likely only require the use of a few stitches at most – and that she should be back to her usual  routine in just a few weeks when the stitches have been removed.

When she finally gets back to her life after stitches, she notices that she still has a loss of feeling in her left hand after the accident. During a follow-up appointment with her doctor, he confirms that the problem can be traced down to nerve damage as a result of the accident.

The manufacturer claims that their responsibility towards Julia as a consumer begins and ends with replacing the set of damaged knives. They refuse any further action on their part.

The accident incurs medical costs and additional expenses that Julia didn't anticipate a few months ago – and doesn't need in her life right now. It leaves her unable to follow her future plans the way she intended and the accident stands in her way of moving forward.

As a result of the accident involving the knife, Julia experiences a loss of motion and feeling in hr left hand that makes even the simplest tasks more complicated than they were before.

A defective product law firm can assist you if you have experienced something similar to the scenario referenced above.

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