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Judy Schwartz is a 42 year old mother of four from Carson City, California.

She's spent the past 12 years of her life as a business analyst for a major investment company and has been doing well for herself.

A year ago, she decided that she needed a break: Judy took two weeks worth of leave from her job and booked a stay at a hotel and spa in California. She went with a friend's recommendation and chose one of the premier hotel and spa resorts in California to go to.

The food was perfect, the beds were heaven on earth and the view was something to write home about. She couldn't wait to show her kids pictures of the view from the balcony! She even booked her first-ever pedicure in ten years. It was a great getaway and time to really unwind.

But then things went horribly wrong.

It was supposed to be two whole carefree weeks of relaxation and no work, but it quickly turned into a nightmare experience for Judy instead.

On the third day of her trip, she slipped on a discarded plastic bag and had a very serious fall around the corner from the on-site restaurant.

The pain was excruciating and she couldn't move. A couple who walked past the scene called an ambulance that took her to hospital for treatment. The doctor immediately ordered x-rays that confirmed her worst fears

Other than the fact that she was badly bruised, Judy had sustained a broken hip as a result of the fall that had taken place at the hotel.

The injury was immediately put in a cast and she was discharged. The doctor said that she could expect at least twelve weeks of recovery time, but that it could be even more than this.

She was sent home, but she had to go back to the hotel first.

When she got back to the hotel, Judy had to cancel the rest of her stay and head for home. The manager was argumentative and refused to refund her what she had paid for the rest of her stay – and additionally told her that even though the accident had happened in their hotel and spa as a result of negligence from the cleaning staff, that it wasn't his problem to deal with.

She left the hotel on bad terms with the manager, who was convinced that his staff had nothing to do with the accident that had just taken place.

Now, Judy was in considerable pain, had to take time off work – and felt that all the money she had spent on the trip and hotel had been wasted.

With four children and no help, Judy still had to try and keep up with things around the house during the following months while the injury was in the healing stage. Things got progressively worse over the next few weeks  - and it was heading towards colder weather too, which only made the injury more difficult to deal with.

When the cast finally came off at the end of the healing process, Judy was sure the injury hadn't healed right. She was in more pain than she had been before the accident, and even sitting down or standing was painful for more than a few minutes at a time.

The accident had changed her entire life, and she immediately realized that her broken hip had not only cost her a vacation, but could also cost her years of discomfort, pain and impaired mobility as a result of breaking a hip at such a young age.

If the scenario referenced above sounds familiar, contact a slip and fall attorney today.

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