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Jerry Yves lost his life at the age of 52. A lifelong resident of California, he leaves behind his wife Lisa of 39 and two kids.

Jerry and his wife talked about their dream getaway vacation for years before they finally had the money saved up to do it. They spoke to their parents about taking care of the kids for a while and each took a week's time off from their jobs. After being together for almost seventeen years, they felt they deserved a break and they had never been on holiday of any kind before.

He booked them a one-of-a-kind boating trip on the water with a leading California boating company. On the day, they would stop over at their hotel to check in, join in the hotel's continental breakfast and from there, they were planning on heading straight to the water for an early-morning cocktail on the ocean.

It's the getaway that they had spent a great deal of their relationship waiting for.

On the day of the boat trip, they called home to check on the kids: Everything was fine. They got on the boat as-planned after they had spent the rest of the morning back at the hotel for the buffet breakfast. This was really the first break they had gotten in years.

But when they were finally on the water, Jerry started to think that he might have chosen the wrong boat charter company to take them out on the water.

The driver of the boat seemed distracted from the moment they left the dock.

When Jerry quizzed him about how long he'd been doing this job, he said that this was only his third time out on the water ever. This certainly didn't make Jerry feel at ease about the rest of the boat trip that was still lying ahead.

However, Jerry still tried to hide his discomfort and worry from his wife: He was sure that there wouldn't be any further issues and he was determined that this was going to be one of the best trips of their lives.

Things went horribly wrong when the driver increased his speed too much while going around a turn. Jerry and his wife were thrown off the boat. While Lisa sustained only minor injuries, her husband Jerry hit his head on the side of the boat.

They managed to get Jerry back on the boat, but he was unconscious and barely breathing when they did. On arrival at the shore, he was pronounced dead.

Some internet research would later show Lisa that similar accidents had taken place along the same route – and had happened due to the same boating company. Nobody had successfully lodged a claim against the boating company for damages before.

The boating company refused to take responsibility for what happened to Jerry in the accident. According to the company's CEO, there was no proof that the accident had taken place as a result of negligence due to the driver's actions – and they were not going to compensate Jerry's family for the event.

She had lost more than a partner in the event. Even though Jerry's life insurance payments could cover them for the next four months, Lisa knew that their funds would run out soon thereafter.

As a result of losing her partner in the accident, Lisa could no longer keep up with most of the financial responsibilities that came with the household: They had to give up their mortgage and moved to a much smaller apartment – and most of their assets had to be sold in order to cover costs that arose from Jerry's untimely death.

If the above fact pattern sounds familiar, contact a wrongful death law firm.

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