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Jen is a 28-year-old fitness instructor who lives in her own apartment in California. She has been married to her husband Clive for the past four years and they have invested some of their money into stocks that look like they are going to pay off within the next year if they play their cards right.

While they don't have children yet, they are considering the next big step for their relationship in the next year, too.

Jen was more than happy to respond to a call for help when the neighbors needed help to take care of their six year-old son for a few hours owing to a family emergency.

They didn't know exactly when they were going to be back – and Jen and her husband had a few spare hours that they figured they might as well spend over at the neighbor's place.

The neighbor had been glad to help them out on occasion and they had nothing to lose by offering to return the favor at least once in good faith – or so they thought.

Everything was fine and entirely uneventful for the first few hours of the night. They ordered take-out for themselves and got food out of the fridge.

It was when one of them stepped outside that things went wrong.

Jen had barely closed the door behind her when she heard a low growling noise. When her eyes adjusted to the light, she found herself faced with an angry, growling dog.

She didn't even know that the neighbors had a dog at all! This was not something that they had mentioned they would have to deal with.

She was frozen to the spot: Even though she wasn't generally scared of dogs, she was scared of this dog – and could tell that it thought she was infringing on its territory by being there.

The dog leaped straight at her leg. She couldn't get the door open fast enough and felt its jaws closing around her calf. She managed to kick the dog away from her and close the door, but the dog was still standing there growling at her – and now she was in intense pain and bleeding from several different bite marks on her leg.

This was going to need stitches.

Clive and Jen telephoned their neighbors to come home immediately and left for the emergency room the moment they arrived back. Now they had an emergency of their own.

At the emergency room, the doctors cleaned up the wound, but the injury wasn't as simple as they first thought. More scans needed to be done, and the results would later show that the injury wasn't just a flesh wound but had instead gone much deeper into the muscle.

The resulting injury removed a large chunk of muscle from Jen's leg: According to the doctors this was going to take months to heal, and she might never regain the full feeling in her leg as a result.

For a fitness instructor, this was especially bad news. Not only was she out of action for a few weeks due to the initial healing of the injury, but there were other more long-term health affects.

As a result of the injury, Jen is no longer able to keep up the pace of a full day's worth of work as a fitness instructor. She experiences several consequences as a result of her injury, including chronic pain in the leg as well as a loss of feeling.

As a further result of the severity of the injury she sustained, the doctor also told her that her risk of never regaining the same mobility was high.

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