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Jane is a 41-year-old single mother who lives in California with her 11-year-old son and two dogs. They've been living in the same house for the past four years and Jane would say that she has worked hard to achieve what they have.

She's advancing in the ranks at her job – and there are talks of a promotion if she does well with promotion as social media manager for the next big contract. When she's not spending time with her son at home, she devotes a considerable amount of her time to charitable efforts in the neighborhood and helping out friends.

When Mrs Anderson from across the road needed help to tend to her rose garden, Jane was one of the first people who offered to help. The woman had just turned 84 herself, and she could probably have used the help.

When she arrived to tend to the flower garden, she was introduced to Mrs Anderson's dog: A small and friendly Pomeranian. Mrs Anderson said that she would have to keep the dog inside of the house while Jane tended to the flower garden – this way, Mrs Anderson assured her, the dog wouldn't get in her way.

She thanked her for her help and took Daisy the friendly Pomeranian inside the house with her.

When Jane was done with the rose garden, she was impressed with her progress and Mrs Anderson invited her in for a glass of tea. When she walked inside the house, it would appear that Mrs Anderson had forgotten about the dog – and it no longer looked nearly as friendly as it did before.

Daisy jumped up against Jane and she put her arms out in self defense. The dog bit her on the wrist instead. Mrs Anderson grabbed Daisy and took her to another part of the house and returned a few minutes later with a bandage for Jane's wrist.

Mrs Anderson immediately apologized for what had happened.

After a few minutes, the bleeding still had not stopped and Jane decided to drive herself to the emergency room from there instead. The attending emergency  room doctor stitched up the injury, but said that the damage could be worse than just a bite that had broken the skin.

There was a large possibility that she could suffer nerve damage as a result of the incident.

Jane felt that the apology she had been given by Mrs Anderson wasn't nearly enough to compensate her for the damage and additional trauma that she had suffered as a result of the dog's bite. Mrs Anderson felt differently, and said that she took no responsibility for what happened.

What was supposed to be an opportunity help out a neighbor in need turned into a nightmare experience for Jane. All that she had wanted to do was to be helpful to someone – and it ended up costing her a lot more than she could have imagined.

The injury was severe enough to cost her several weeks of paid work, and Jane had to start  breaking into her savings that she had accumulated over the years to start paying for the surgical costs.

As a result of the incident, Jane experiences a loss of motor skills in the same hand that sustained the injury that continued long after the stitches had been removed.

According to the doctors, this was an injury that could take years to recover – and might need additional surgeries in order to make a full recovery. Due to the injury, she experiences chronic pain in her hand that makes even simple tasks uncomfortable, painful and more difficult than they should be.

Contact a dog bite injury attorney if this fact pattern sounds familiar.

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