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Jake and his partner Luke are both in their mid-thirties and have been living in an apartment in California for the past four years. They own a successful contracting business together and they have decided to celebrate this success by going on an exclusive boat cruise through California – an experience that many of their friends have called absolutely ideal.

Jake decides to go with the all-inclusive package. One that includes dinner on the water and an intimate musical performance that he's sure Luke will never forget. They've always wanted to experience California seen from the water at night and this is the perfect opportunity.

On the day of the boat's departure, they are served a round of drinks on the house and told that there will be a slight delay in their trip due to a slight technical problem. A few frustrated passengers get off the boat, but the two of them decide to stay. What's a few minutes worth of a delay make to a great night?

They manage to laugh off the slight delay and enjoy the rest of their drinks. After about fifteen more minutes, the announcement comes that the technical issues have been fixed: The boat has the all-clear to proceed, and the main course should be on the way in a little while once they have proceeded far enough into the water.

The boat slowly made its way to the water. Their main course arrived just in time.

As the boat prepared to move forward again, a loud clanging noise caught their attention. It was so loud that you couldn't miss it. Suddenly there was chaos all over the boat.

Something in the engine room must have exploded: At least that's what he could tell from the bellowing smoke and smell in the air.

The boat was going down at an alarming rate. For whatever reason, the boat's commandeer must have lost control of the boat completely. A few people had been thrown off balance, and Luke would later hear that he had sustained a cracked vertebrae in his neck as a result of the incident.

Luke moved to grab his partner but he wasn't in the same place as he was a few seconds ago: It would appear that he had been thrown against the side of the boat at an alarming force. Later, the reports would show that Jake had been rendered dead on impact as a result of the accident.

What happened during their exclusive restaurant experience would change Luke's life forever. He'd lost his partner – but he'd also lost his best friend and business partner at the same time.

He simply wasn't equipped to handle the business by himself. It was a lot of responsibility, and it was suddenly more than he could take – especially combined with the paperwork that it would take just to get the business back up to where they had it before the accident took place.

As a result of the accident, Luke experienced chronic pain in his legs and back that meant he couldn't keep up with the daily requirements that came with the business – and he was suddenly in debt as a direct result of the damages the accident had caused and the cost of continued physical therapy to begin fixing the nerve damage sustained as a result of the injured vertebrae.

Even though the incident had affected the lives of several people forever, the company refused to take any responsibility for what happened – and this meant that Luke was unable to continue with the business they had worked so hard to get off the ground.

Speak with a wrongful death law firm if this sounds familiar to you.

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