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Gwen Krakowski is a married mother of two girls who lives in Mountain View, California. She's been married to her psychiatrist husband for the past fifteen years – and they would both agree that their lives have been going well. Their house is located in one of the most beautiful areas and it's everything that they could have wished for.

She works as a social media expert for a top media company and has climbed her way to success as an experienced professional in her field. She knows what works well for getting hits, likes and new clients.

Close to December, it was time to cash in her vacation time at work. Her husband agreed that they were both going to take a break and go for a month's worth of extended vacation: First, they would go see their parents and then they would stop over at a beachfront holiday resort in California while driving back – there were some great ones that they hadn't been to before.

Her last day at work for the year went well: They managed to tie up all the loose ends – and she even managed to land a pretty big contract for the coming year. It was impressive progress. She signed the last document of the day with relief and headed for home.

Things went completely wrong for Gwen when she walked out of the office building and slipped on a part of the sidewalk where a refrigeration truck had broken down.

The water leaking out of the truck had caused a serious frontward fall. Other than an extreme headache that she would later find out was a concussion, she was in intense pain from the moment she fell.

She had to phone one of her co-workers who offered to take her to the emergency room.

At the emergency room, they discovered that Gwen had sustained a broken sternum and fractured ribs due to the forward-angled fall.

It was serious, and the doctor immediately booked Gwen off work for three times the original length of their planned vacation, except now they were forced to call everything off.

Gwen and her husband had to delve into their savings account in order to cover the amount of money that the hospital bills and recovery time had cost them, and Gwen's husband had to take additional time off work in order to stay home and help with things around the house.

They thought that they had enough saved up for an emergency like this, but they worked their way through most of it quicker than they could have imagined. The cost of added physiotherapy on top of doctor's appointments and more scans totaled more than their savings could handle.

Why hadn't anyone noticed the water dripping on to the sidewalk? Gwen realized that the accident could have happened to anyone who took the same route that day – and her husband agreed with her that someone had to be held responsible for the accident that had taken place.

Her husband helped her to track down the driver who had been behind the wheel of the truck that day. They called his company, who refused responsibility for the leak on the side of the road. The boss believed that the argued that the leak could have been caused by anything, and dared them to prove any different before bothering him again.

Gwen's life was never the same again after the accident. The damage sustained to her sternum from the fall meant that simple things were a lot more painful – things like wearing a handbag or strapping up a seatbelt could become unbearable within as little as five minutes, and her injury hurt even more on colder days.

Contact a slip and fall attorney if the above scenario sounds familiar to you.

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