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Brenda Krueger is a 24-year-old woman who has just moved to a small one-bedroom apartment in California. It's her first step towards a new life and she feels great after already having coped away from her parents' house for a few months on her own.

She works as a hairdresser at a leading hair salon in California. Her boss is impressed with the progress she has made since she joined the salon, and some of their high-profile clients have asked specifically for Brenda whenever they need their hair done before a large event or photo opportunity. One of Brenda's colleagues tells her that she overheard Brenda's boss talking about a promotion.

Brenda is excited to hear this. When she's called into the office on the following Monday morning. Brenda isn't nervous at all because her co-worker had tipped her off about what the meeting might be for. Her boss confirms the great news: She's eligible for a promotion, which includes working more with private appointments and higher profile haircuts. It also includes a higher salary than what she has been earning now.

This is huge news. She suggests to her co-worker that they go out to one of the nearby bars for a drink after closing time to celebrate. They make a few calls to friends and meet up at a cocktail lounge that's known for great service – and one that gets decent reviews.

They each have a few cocktails at the bar. Brenda is feeling in a good mood and decides that she'll cover the first round of drinks. While walking over to the bar counter, she slips on a spilled drink that wasn't cleaned properly and has a bad fall. She needs help to get up and her co-workers take her straight to hospital.

The pain on the drive to the hospital is excruciating.

Immediate scans are ordered at the hospital and an examination finds that she has a shattered hip due to the fall. She's kept in hospital overnight and the injury is put in a cast that she has to wear for several weeks.

The doctor's orders are that she takes the time off work: This isn't good right at the beginning of her promotion, but her boss assures her that she'll still have her job when she recovers.

Even though she's not working, her recovery goes well and her parents agree to help her out for the duration of the recovery period. Her mother moves in with her for a few weeks to help her with tasks around the house.

When the cast finally comes off, Brenda is able to return to work after her mother has left for home. She doesn't cope as well with the job as she did before the injury happened. Her boss has more hairdressing appointments scheduled for her now than ever before, but it involves a large amount of standing up for several long stretches at a time.

Due to the injury she experienced, it's no longer as easy to move from one point of the salon to the next. It's more painful to take the stairs to reach the second level, and she experiences considerable chronic hip pain after only standing up for a few minutes.

Her parents help her where they can, but they are only able to dip into their finances so much before they can't cover the costs of follow-up doctor's appointments to see how the leg has healed.

Even small, daily tasks like sitting down in the car and driving to work have now started to take more effort and time than they did before, and she experiences pain in her right hip almost every day as a result of the damage the accident did.

Does the scenario described above sound like something you've experienced? If so, speak with a slip and fall attorney.

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