6 Reasons You Should Become a Lawyer

In today’s blog, we review the top 6 reasons you should become a lawyer; an old profession that has never been more relevant.

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Thinking of becoming a lawyer? At Nehora Law Firm, our Orange County personal injury lawyers have put their heads together to come up with the top 6 reasons you should become a lawyer. That being said, not everyone is suited to the law profession. Becoming a lawyer takes time, commitment and unwavering belief. Though the law profession comes with a multitude of advantages; it also comes with its disadvantages, too. In this respect, law is very much like every other professional career.

In an earlier blog, we explored the 7 essential skills that every personal injury lawyer should have. In summary, these skills amounted to communication skills, analytical skills, strong judgement, commitment, people skills, thinking outside-the box and research skills. Together, these skills come together to produce the very best lawyers; professionals who take the duty to their clients seriously. It’s also the thinking behind these skills that informs the many reasons you should become a lawyer.

6 Reasons to Become a Lawyer

The very first reason we should consider is the financial element.

1 - Lawyers are among the highest paid professionals in the world. The very best lawyers – those who represent clients at the highest level – earn well into seven-figure sums. When law is practiced as it should, you can come out of it very well indeed. You don’t need to be a world-renowned lawyer, though. Personal injury lawyers in medium-to-large firms can expect to earn well into six-figure salaries. If there has ever been a reason to become a lawyer, the financial element is one major consideration.

2 - Money isn’t everything, though. The best lawyers must have a passion for their profession. They live and breathe the legal profession and do everything within their power to win their case. They know their subject with an intense degree of fluency. If you have a passion for establishing truth, for communicating effectively and for siding with the right side of justice – the legal profession is right for you. If you appreciate the art of “working things out”, collecting evidence and coming up with an unarguable defence, the legal profession allows you to do just that.

3 - One of the great advantages of law is the diversity of its profession. Legal subjects include international law, criminal law, contract law, property law, equity and trusts, constitutional and administrative law, employment law. At Nehora Law Firm, we specialize in personal injury cases in Orange County; difficult and emotionally charged cases that, when pursued, can have a real and lasting impact on the affected person. Another advantage of law is precisely that – the ability to help other people. As a lawyer, you have the knowledge, ability and influence to help those most in need.

4 - The knowledge and ability we talk about are transferable skills. Let’s refresh what we already learned; that the most effective lawyers feed of skills as diverse as communication and analytical skills, to research skills, judgement and commitment. These skills can be applied to many other situations, job opportunities and circumstances. For example, the best lawyers are effective communicators; such skills that can help you pursue a career in writing, journalism and academic research. The legal profession equips you with a diverse range of skills that help you get ahead in life.

5 - Another reason to become a lawyer is to consider long-term opportunity. We discussed transferable skills above, but what about applying those skills – in the long-term – to the legal profession. In time, and with effort and patients and commitment, you can open your own legal firm. This means you can become your own boss and not an employee under the legal heel of an employer. It means you set your own hours and work toward the success of your business. The legal profession rewards hard work and intense effort and, with those two factors in place, you can really achieve.

6 - What about the last reason you should become a lawyer? To answer that, we must turn to the wider society. As experts in the law, lawyers have the unique ability to affect and change their society around them; finding loopholes and other legal minutiae, raise it to public attention and to initiate social change. Very few professions afford such opportunities. When properly placed, lawyers can influence major public figures, informing their opinion and judgement and, in the end, helping world leaders arrive at conclusions they otherwise might not have arrived at.

In Conclusion

The law profession can be a great source of inspiration, opportunity and personal success. We’ve explored only some of the reasons you should become a lawyer. Of course, there are many more factors we could consider. Whether it’s through financial opportunity, transferable skills, diversity of career opportunity, or through societal change – the law profession comes with enormous advantages. With enough time, and though the commitment and unshakable determination, you too can reap these benefits.

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